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About Us What a great idea ...a 24-7 virtual information collection of family resources where families, businesses, non-profits and organizations can connect. Even better, it's free for parents and remarkably affordable for businesses and non-profits.

To Our Families:

Sign up for our free weekly e-newsletter. Let us show up in your emailbox with information & things to do for your families. Email us when you find a good book, fun activity or helpful resource! Please visit us frequently to check on additions. We'll be looking for you in the parks and at family events. We look forward to offering you resources that strengthen, support and entertain your families.


To our Friends in Business:

We like promoting worthy businesses, helping you clarify and promote the benefits of your business to our family market.

Some of you with whom we've worked for many years know that my passions include strengthening families, elevating the quality of education for our children and helping small businesses grow bigger.  I believe parents need to be information detectives, constantly monitoring the information being imparted to their children, strengthening their own core values and continuing their own education in order to bring up responsible citizens empowered to meet life's challenges in an increasingly complex world.  Question, research and question again.  

In seven years has become the "go to" local online resource where parents seek information on a host of resources.   SCP  has grown exponentially in popularity and effectiveness!   Daily we are joined by businesses, non-profits and parents who want to connect with each other.

Come grow with us. Our business model is based on an affordable annual commitment so that we can serve you well in all seasons. Please, call us with any questions!


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