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Business Testimonials

Businesses, we welcome your feedback on the response your business has had since listing on our site. Thank you for supporting us and making it easier for parents to get information. You can email your testimonial to



Thank you

Thank you for adding the ticket website to the event! I love your newsletters by the way! My daughter is 3 1/2 and we appreciate your thoughtful website and info!




Your Introductions

Hi Parmalee,

Really nice to talk with you today. Thanks for making our ad so visible in this one  - and what a fabulous surprise that you chose to highlight Dr. Yong Zhao and the upcoming lecture at Cabrillo College. Thank You!

I love the way you weave in bits and pieces from you life and interactions you have in the community into your introductions each week. It really helps make that human connection, and I always look forward to hearing what you want to share.

Thanks again!

Best Regards,
Leigh Ann



Hi Parmalee,

I just want to send my appreciation to you again for the work you do for the community, and in particular, creating the Santa Cruz Parent Newsletter. You are so gifted in your writing, too! I'm not even a parent, yet I find your articles interesting and beneficial to anyone caring about children.

Thank you so much!

Nancy Ondrejka
Director of Admissions
Georgiana Bruce Kirby Preparatory School

Nancy Ondrejka

Wonderful Service!

Parmalee and Santa Cruz Parent Staff:

Thank you so much for featuring our SPIN Mentor Parent Program in your newsletter recently! I am the Mentor Parent Program Coordinator for SPIN and I have been receiving your newsletter for some time now and appreciate all the information you offer to families. I was especially excited to see the Mentor Program information in your newsletter of April 12, 2012, and wanted to thank you personally for including it in a prominent place! The Mentor Program has connected many parents together over the years.


Just wanted to let you know that I am now offering parents the opportunity to not only be connected with a Mentor Parent but can match them with a "Buddy" Parent as well. Sometimes parents want to have a mentor who has been further down the path to guide them and other times parents want to share the journey with someone who is going through similar challenges currently. I also have started support groups for parents of children with similar disabilities over the years and I am always willing to help parents get a group going.

Thank you again for the wonderful service you provide!

Nancy Winans, SPIN Mentor Coordinator


Nancy Winans, SPIN Mentor Coordinator

Very Pro-Quality Education and Nutrition

Hi Parmalee,

As a former teacher, I appreciate your newsletter. Very pro-quality education and nutrition. I'd be happy to tell parents about it.

Thank you,




Dawn Weatherbee

Followed a "Rabbit Trail"

We are in the area most weekends and would love to get some updates. Wish I'd known about this a year ago! :)

I was searching for fun things to do with kids in Monterey and ended up following a "rabbit trail" (distracting, interesting side search) to Halloween events in Santa Cruz and that gave me a link to your October newsletter. It reminded me of the Bay Area Parent newsletter I get, which is so useful for my immediate area, but doesn't tell us what's happening in the south, so I jumped on the chance to subscribe.


I hope you can reach more people up here, because you have clearly done your research and your listing included lots of stuff in the Bay area that I don't see in my normal newsletter.







Thank You!

Hi Parmalee!


I had 2 new Mommies join my Breastfeeding Moms Circle today and both of them had seen my group listed on Santa Cruz Parent! I just wanted to thank you for maintaining that website, getting out those emails and for adding my Groups to your site. It feels so good to sit in a circle with other Moms and to hold that space for them as they walk through the journey of Parenting. Thank you for helping them get there!


Thank you again for all that you do, I really loved seeing new Mommas today and the shift in one Moms mood was night and day after group!


~ love & light ~
Krystal Long

Krystal Long - M.O.M.S.
Founder, Facilitator & Mom
831.216.MAMA (6262)



Hello there!!!

Hello there!!!

Thank you so much for being such a great resource for me while I am starting my new preschool. Your newsletters have provided great information and ideas for me! I am also wondering if you know of Jenny Hudson?? I was just introduced to her and invited to a daycare association. I wanted to spread the word to all new and upcoming preschools/daycares; I know that I have a million questions and it is so helpful and reassuring to acquaint ourselves with people going through the same thing. If this email goes to anyone human, feel free to contact me anytime!!!
Shannon Ludlow
Little Legends Preschool
(831) 427-4440


Thank you

Thank you so much for all the work you are doing for young people! God bless!

Sr. Carmen, FMA
It's All About the Kids!



Sister Carmen


Hi Parmalee,
Thank you for the great piece in your Newsletter! I received a registration for camp five minutes after your email went out!
Best, Abra

Abra Allan
Santa Cruz Dance
(831) 246-4227

Abra Allan


Dear Desiree,

I want to thank you for the care and concern you have shown in helping us this past week get up and running. You really have gone above and beyond and I just wanted to say thank you. We're really excited about being part of your website and will stay in touch over the coming months. Please pass this along to your supervisor!

Warm Regards,
Silvia Ferguson
Simcha Preschool Director



Thank You

Thank you again for including Marine Masterpieces and the Seymour Center in your newsletter. We appreciate it very, very much!


Suzanne M. Hebert                     
Youth Programs Manager
Seymour Marine Discovery Center  


Suzanne M. Hebert

It's working for us!

Thanks Parmalee, Every month we get new clients from Santa Cruz Parent. It's working for us!! Michelle

Michelle, Santa Cruz Sports Central


This is good! Thanks for sending us new clients. Yeah!

Dennis, Adventure Sports

We've kept our enrollment full.

You must really tap into our market because parents often mention you when they come to visit us. We've been able to keep our home daycare full since listing on your site a year ago. Thanks for all the little things you do to lead parents to our listing. I like your newsletters too and use them to make suggestions to parents about fun things to do over the weekend. Thanks for all your help in growing our business. Angela


Thanks for the New Families

We love what being on Santa Cruz Parent has done for exposing our restaurant to new families. You've sent us tons of new families with children, especially for our Oktoberfest celebrations. Whitney

Whitney, Tyrolean Inn Restaurant


We have received more inquiries from our online listing with Santa Cruz Parent than our print ads this year. It's definitely reaching parents who want our kind of preschool. I think it has really helped to have the different philosophies in one section because when parents come to us, they have sort of already "pre-selected" us based on comparisons. Jenny



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