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Family Favorites

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This is a page for parent & child participation...  submit your favorite pick & why it is your favorite at Include your phone number and attach a jpg photo (Please size it to approx. 100x100 pixels if possible).


Enter as often as you like. Answer as many questions as you like. You may also answer questions that others have already done.  HAVE FUN! 


CLICK HERE to post your pick. You will find the questions on the next page.  You will find the questions on the next page... sports, camps, restaurants, activities, products, etc.

I love going to the creek with my family

Jordan Allen (Age 4)
I love going to the creek with my family, especially my brother...we find cool rocks!

Royal No Pants

Molly (Age 10)
Every summer I go to riding camp at Willow Pond Ranch. I especially like it there because Sharon has rescued horses for us to ride. It's a lot of work but it's so much fun!

Dancing at Oktoberfest

Mary & Alice
Everyone dances at Oktoberfest, especially the Chicken Dance!

I like swimming with Dennis!

I like swimming with Dennis. He lets me pour water on his head.

I love skimboarding!

Ivan (Age 5)
I love skimboarding!

I love the beach!

Francesca (Age 2)
One of my favorite things in Santa Cruz is the beach. My mommy takes me there all the time and lets me run wild. We are so lucky to live so close to the ocean!

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