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Families Travel: Where, Why, How and More!


(Photos General) Travel_DeathValley.jpgWe are looking for some unique, fun travel reports by families! Have you made a successful day, weekend or week-long trip that you could share with other families? These do not need to be elaborate, just a few sentences covering some or all of the following categories:

Highlights/Overview - where you went and why

Dining - kid friendly &/or glamorous

Shopping - unique and local

Entertainment - free to paid

Prices/Deals - ranges

Kid Fun - parks, beaches, lakes, amusement parks

Parent Fun - museums, date night activities

(Photos General) Travel_Portland.jpgNearby Places to Visit - within 30-60 minutes drive

Resources & Contacts -where you stayed or wished you had stayed
Travel Tips/Lessons Learned - what to bring or what you wish you had brought

Places could be nearby or far enough away that you need to fly - Half Moon Bay, Monterey, San Jose, San Francisco, Sonoma or Seattle, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Orlando, etc. 

Please share, anonymously or with your name!


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