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We so appreciate your wonderful feedback on the site. It makes us all the more committed to bringing you a quality site. Feel free to send us your comments anytime. Click here to post.

"Great newsletters Maria"
Thank you for the idea of reading the Declaration of Independence on July 4th. I have it printed out and plan on doing this every year with my now 3 and 6month old. You changed the course of our future and history. ;)"
I just want to say that you all do such a great job and I really enjoy receiving your newsletter.
I always look forward to the dog picture at the end of the newsletter."
"Thanks for the very kind thoughts.  I already receive your newsletter via email and like it.  Please feel free to include a teaser and link.  If you want to use any of the information in an article, go right ahead - just give me credit. 
I have a little guy, and one of the reasons I started this blog was to give kids a place to find some fun (and straightforward) science.  I also wanted non-technical parents to find a place they could find some fun stuff to share with kids.  There is lots of science on the web and most of it is difficult to understand if you don't know the jargon.  I can jargon with the best of them, but sometimes I can fight my way free and speak regular. I love your newsletter.  I use it regularly to find fun activities for my little guy.          Regards,                 Christine"
"A friend told me about SCP. I like to find good new things, and I love this webside."
"I am really enjoying this informative and useful newsletter as both a mother and state preschool teacher! :)  Rebecca"
"Thank you for the great info!"
"Learned about you from a Think Local First publication.  I am a HS Counselor and want to be well informed about family resources. Jill"
"I love the newsletter- great articles all the time!! I've learned so many new things-like all about the switch witch, and how tackling motherhood is Not like football :) Rachel"
"I just moved to Santa Cruz and I am looking for fun things for my 10yr old son and 14 yr old daughter to do... Your newsletter has been soooo helpful!"
"I’m a single Dad and I had no idea there were so many free things to do with my girls.  We look at your newsletter every week and plan our weekend. Kevin"
"I am expecting my first child (girl) in March 2008.  I appreciate all the information for new parents! Kristen"
"I have grandkids and am delighted to have found this site. Vita"
"I'm interested in upcoming local events that are family oriented.  We recently moved to area and not familiar with local events. Aimee"
"I'm A grandma entertaining kids this summer. Your newsletters with fun and free events are a lifesaver.  Jane"
"The info is great...thanks so much!! April"
"I'm new to the area and your site has been a great resource for our family! Thank you!Sarah"
"Hi!  I have been slowly getting to know your site!  Am very excited about it! Laura"
"So happy I found a resource to fill up our summer. Danit"
"I love your site! Linda"
"Thanks for introducing this new venue! Mariclare"
"I am the grandma with family in Santa Cruz - thought it would be a good source of info. Trish"
"Outstanding website!"
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