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Parent Planner

Use our Parent Planner!

Plan your ENTERTAINMENT or create a list of classes to check out and share with a friend!


The Parent Planner allows LOCALS to create lists of potential classes and camps they are interested in or events they want to attend and then print out. It is a great way for parents to share their plans for the weekend, classes, summer camps, with other parents because you have the option to email your Parent Planner to others.


The Parent Planner is also great for TOURISTS since not everyone has internet access while they are travelling.  Create an itinerary of all the fabulous things you want to do while you are visiting our great city.

Check out all the local resources and all our upcoming events. 


How it Works


All pages on our site are printable -- the difference with the Parent Planner is that you can make a list of just the things you are interested in so you don't have to print out everything.


When you are on any of our resource pages or on our calendars, you will see a little box next to each listing - when you check these boxes, it automatically places the listing in your Parent Planner.


To view your Parent Planner, you can click on the link, Parent Planner or you can click on the clock at the bottom of these pages and it will direct you to your Parent Planner. After you have finished, you can email your planner to a friend with a personal message or you can print it out.


Your Parent Planner DOES NOT save so make sure to email yourself a copy. After you leave the site, it will reset and you will have to begin the process over.


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