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TV Turnoff Week

TV Turnoff Week

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National TV-Turnoff Week

Center for Screen-Time Awareness 

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April 23rd-29th, 2007

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Benefits of Turning off the television:

You and your family will have more quality time together. It will give you a chance to do more interactive activities.

Most kids watch at least 15-20 hours a week. For this one week, you will be gaining these hours to exercise, read, play , use your imagination, bake, etc.

Kids won't be exposed to commercials, violence, negative language, etc.

Alternative Activities to watching TV:

Play games

Encourage conversation at meals

Do art projects

Bake & cook together

Hike, bike, walk, swim, bowl

Turn up the music and dance around the house

Go to bed on time

Read books together and talk about them afterward

Keep a journal on what activities you do and the differences you see in your family. After your week is over, consider devoting 1 day a week to no TV and do things as a family.

Why turn off the television?

Television can be a relaxing way to end the day. It makes a great babysitter. It is a good distraction when you are stressed out. It is entertaining. It requires no effort. It is a great way to avoid conversation.

So, what is the problem? It makes you lazy. People are sloppier about what they eat. TV can influence your mood by the content of the programs. TV keeps you from doing physical activity. It keeps you from talking to one another. It can assist in procrastination. Kids no longer need to use their imaginations so they get bored more easily.

Give yourself a week and see if you see the difference.

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