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Illness & Childcare/School

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Illness & Childcare/School

Parents often wonder whether to send a child to daycare/school, or to keep them home when they are feeling under the weather. Most daycares and schools set their own guidelines, so understanding their policy before your child is sick is advisable. If your child is feverish, with no other symptoms, it is generally considered okay to send them to daycare/school, but many daycares/schools request that a child have 24 hours "fever-free" before returning.


It isn't just your child they are concerned about, but also the health of the other children and staff. If an illness is introduced to a group of children and caregivers what was once just a problem for one becomes a problem for many. Your child may also not be able to get the attention they need during the day if they need to stay sedentary while the rest of the group is participating in active events both inside and out.


Many parents think they can mask the symptoms early in the day with over the counter drugs so that they can sneak by and maybe help their child make it through the entire day. Most daycares/schools are well aware of this practice and will likely send your child home. Keep in mind that a child who can't participate in the daily activities and isn't feeling well, is best kept home to get the time they need to recover and get back into their regular program faster.

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