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2013 Holidays



Easter Services

Many churches offer special Sunday services.

Easter Egg Hunts & Parties

Check out our Events Calendar for local Easter egg hunts taking place this year.

Decorating Easter baskets and bags can be part of the fun. Make it a craft for the week prior or on Easter.

Decorating eggs of course is great fun and there are so many different ways to do it. For younger children that have trouble dipping into the dyes, try small stickers.

You can hide your hard boiled eggs or an even more fun thought is plastic eggs with candy, stickers, messages and more. If you are hosting a party and want to collect the eggs for the next year, have a small goody bag for each child. When they are finished finding the empty plastic eggs, they can turn them in for their goody bags.

If you are doing an egg hunt with very young children, have it be a parent-child hunt. The kids will have fun collecting the eggs but you can stick a winning ticket in one of the eggs and have a fun grown up gift for the winner.

Make sure to let younger kids start the egg hunt first if you have assorted ages and put a handful of eggs scattered in obvious spots. You can also set a limit for the older kids and tell them after they have collected 10 eggs, they are finished.

Looking for a gift alternative to stuffed bunnies or candy? Try an Easter or Spring themed book.

We welcome any other ideas you may have for the Easter Holiday.

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