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Date Night Ideas

Date Night Ideas

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Ideas For Getting Out

The following have been submitted by parents...

1. Take children to babysitter's house/friend's house
Ask a friend to come over and help you pick up the house while you are taking the kids to the baby sitter
2. Have two massage therapists waiting for you and your spouse at home for an hour swedish massage
3. Leave time for a relaxing shower or what ever happens
4. Order dinner in (something nice like Palazzio)- you can pick it up earlier and reheat and set table while other is in the shower
5. (Don't watch a movie) have a board game or card game in mind to play in bed ( a good game of UNO is always a hit)

Like most parents with young kids, my husband and I never get enough time to just talk to each other. So when we get a chance to go out on a date, we try to stay away from crowded restaraunts and movies.

The perfect date for us is definitely spontaneous! It happens when the kids have each been invited over to a friend's house and we find ourselves with time alone! Our favorite thing to do is go to a matinee movie, then out for some dinner. Our favorite ending is to spend some time roaming around the book store. It's so relaxing!

My personal favorite on summer evenings:Pack a picnic with wine and your favorite dinner-to-go (including dessert), then head out to any of the local mountain trails for a sunset hike.

Can't find a sitter....put the kids to bed early and surprise your spouse with a romantic candlelit dinner or dessert at home.

Have a progressive dinner with friends....hire a sitter to stay at one of the houses with the kids.

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