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Keep Track of Child's 1st Year

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Journals & Baby Books

Don't put a lot of pressure on yourself to write huge stories or it will become to overwhelming. During your pregnancy, try to write in a journal each month about how you are feeling, any pregnancy symptoms, what is currently going on in your life, your thoughts on the new baby, what your other children think of your growing stomach, etc.Once the baby arrives, try to write weekly about the changes you see in your newborn. It can be just a short paragraph. As they start to talk - it can be fun to write down some of the things they say since there is not often time to grab the camera and record those wonderful quotes.There are so many terrific baby journals. Pick one that you think is best for you and feels manageable. Remember to take your baby book into the hospital so they can do the footprints for you.

Birthday Cards to Your Child

My husband and I each write a birthday card to our children on their birthdays starting with the first birthday. We re-cap their year, our thoughts and memories during this time and the changes we have seen in them. Although they are too young to read them, we think it will be special when they are older to know what we were thinking at the time.

Photos and Video

Don't put off buying a camera and/or video camera. You cannot get those moments back and photos are so wonderful to look at as your child gets older. Take pictures of them sleeping, eating, playing, etc. Don't worry if they will not pose for a picture, the spontaneous ones are more fun anyway.

Video them saying their first words, taking their first steps, singing, and playing. Digital cameras make it easy to share your photos online with families and friends. Digital photos also allow you to see right away whether or not you got a decent photo.

Your kids will love looking at their photos and movies as they get older.

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