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Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas

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Fresh Prep Kitchens Fundraiser

     This fundraiser is a win-win for school budgets, parents, teachers and one of our favorite local businesses.  It 1) involves very little time from volunteers, 2) generates income instantly, 3) is already in the family budget, 4) saves housework time for everyone involved, 5) tastes delicious, and 6) can become addictive (in a positive way!).  Sample Flyer:

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Fresh Prep Kitchens



Fundraising with FACE THE PAINT

(Site Photos) FacetheLight_Butterfly.jpgFace the Paint Can Add Fun to Your Fundraising Event

     My name is Light Barrett and FACE the PAINT is my business. I am an artist. My canvas is the precious face of a child. For over 25 years I have been transforming children with the joy of face painting. I'm the official Face Painter for the City of Santa Cruz and the Santa Cruz Wharf. I add fun and excitement to your event by creating a magical, happy realm where children can become their favorite characters and adults can be more beautiful and more handsome!

     (Site Photos) Facethelight_Tiger.jpgFACE PAINTING adds atmosphere and joy to all Events, Baby Showers, Wedding Showers, Corporate Functions, Promotions, Grand Openings, Carnivals, Theater Productions, and of course, BIRTHDAY PARTIES! But don't forget Night Clubs, Neighborhood Block Parties and Photo Shoots! We promise to deliver great quality fun and a professional level of art for your event or party so you can relax and enjoy the party.

      NEW! BALLOON Twisting, Helium Balloons & Balloon Decorations for your special events!

Cell 831-601-6336, 831-708-2144


Fundraiser Events

Kids Haircuts
Have a salon or individual stylists come to your school or event. They can either donate their time and do cheap cuts to raise money or charge their normal rate and split the money with the organization/school. Have a bake sale at the same time to increase profits. Make sure to get the word out.

Tile Wall
Kids and businesses can decorate tiles with handprints, paint a picture or paint a logo. Families or businesses purchase the tile. It is a project that will be up for years to come.

School Carnival & Raffle
Put on a carnival. Get local businesses to donate prizes for a raffle. Kids purchase tickets for the homemade booths.

Selling Books

A Parents Guide To Raising Great Kids"". This is a wonderful book for parents and a great way to sell something that benefits the whole family. Order for only $11 per copy (retail $14.95) and your school or organization will make a profit of $3.95 on each book sold. Contact or

Your school earns up to 20% whenever you make a purchase at one of the more than 250 participating SchoolCash merchants -- from to JC Penney to ToysRus. no enrollment fees, no membership dues and you dont pay any higher prices than you normally would! When you shop at SchoolCash, youll find the same merchandise and prices (or better) that youd find if you went directly to the merchants website or store. Go to


Raffles are a great way to make money for your organzation or school. You can make money off the tickets you sell. The key is to getting great prizes donated by businesses.

Have awards for those that sell the most raffle tickets to encourage sales.

Print a list of the potential raffle prizes so that people who are buying the tickets are motivated to buy more.

Ask people to sell a certain amount of tickets so that everyone participates. These people can choose to sell them or take the easy way out and buy the tickets for themselves.

Restaurant Ideas

Many restaurants (see restaurants on the site) will donate a percentage to your fundraiser if you host it at their location.

For example, you can host your dinner there, you encourage everyone to attend that day and everyone pays for themselves. Some will even do the total of all meals purchased from 4-9pm in the evening even if the customers were not part of your event.

This means there is very little set-up, no clean up, no cooking or hiring caterers and it is a fun night out for everyone. You can raise even more money by coordinating a raffle for the evening.

You can raise money for your school by registering at
If you register your Vons card, credit card, ATM cards with escrip, everytime you make a purchase at a variety of vendors (ie: Vons, Payless, Office Max, etc), they will contribute 3-10% of your purchases to the school of your choice. You can also register your Albertsons card for their Community Partner Program to support your child's school.

You (as a supporter) don't need to purchase anything you wouldn't normally buy. Just shop from a Schoolpop partner merchant. Start shopping at and see the special merchant deals. When you click on a merchant link, you are taken to the merchant's website and the resulting purchase automatically contributes to your school.

Fundraise with Sales

There are many businesses out there that will donate a portion of their proceeds for non-profits.

  • Tupperware
  • Discovery Toys
  • Dream Dinners


local sponsors
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