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Have fun checking out all these great recipes submitted by moms, dads & grandparents across the country. It is important for the whole family sit down to dinner together but it can be challenging to come up with new recipes every week. Take advantage of fun ideas from other parents.

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Dessert Category
Name Category Sub-Category Prep-Time Serves
7 Layer Bars Dessert 10 Minutes 0
Apricot Balls Dessert 24
Arroz con Leche Dessert snacks for kids 5 min 6
Banana Bread Dessert 15 minutes 20
Cake mix cookies Dessert cookies 10 min. 10
Chocolate Pudding Cake Dessert y 15 minutes 12
Coco Cookies Dessert 10 minutes 12
coffee cake Dessert dessert 20 min 12
Cranberry Hazelnut Pie Dessert Thanksgiving recipe winner! 20 minutes 8
Dessert Nachos Dessert 5 min 4
Dump Cake Dessert Cakes 5-10 minutes 12
Easy cake mix Fruit Cobbler Dessert 0
Easy Cherry Cheesecake Squares Dessert snacks 5 min 12
EASY HEATH BAR TRIFLE Dessert 15 minutes 8
EASY Southern Strawberry Shortcake Dessert 0
Easy Strawberry Pie Dessert 15 min 6
Flan Dessert 10 min. 10
Fruit Punch Bowl Cake Dessert 8
Lemon Poppy Seed Cake Dessert 15 min. 6
Lemon Squares by Grandmere Dessert 30 min. 0
Oreos Dessert 15 30
Peach Cobbler - Easy BisQuick Dessert 6
Peanut Butter Cup Cookies Dessert Cookies 10-15 minutes 50
Peanut Butter Pie Dessert 5 minutes 6
Persimmon Cookies Dessert Cookies 10 minutes 0
Pound Cake Dessert 5 minutes 12
Pumpkin cookies Dessert cookies - Holiday 15 min 3
Raspberry Yogurt Sorbet Delight Dessert Drink 4
Seven-Up Cake Dessert Cake 15 minutes 0
Summer Roasted Peaches Dessert 20 minutes 8
Thumbprint Cookies Dessert 5 minutes 12
Toffee-Chocolate Bark Dessert 30 min. 40

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