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Have fun checking out all these great recipes submitted by moms, dads & grandparents across the country. It is important for the whole family sit down to dinner together but it can be challenging to come up with new recipes every week. Take advantage of fun ideas from other parents.

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Soups Category
Name Category Sub-Category Prep-Time Serves
Beef Stew with Sour Kraut Soups Slow-Cooker 10 minutes 6
Cabbage Stew Soups 1 hour 6
Pumpkin Soup Soups 15 min. 2
Red Goldfish Soup Soups fun Lunch for kiddos 5 5
Ribollita (Italian Vegetable Stew) Soups Stew 10 min. 6
Taco Soup Soups 5 minutes 6
Taco Soup Soups Dinner 15 min 6
Tortilla Soup Soups 30 min. 4
Tortilla Soup Soups 15 minutes 4
Vegetarian Split Pea Soup Soups Crock-Pot Recipe 15 minutes 4
White Chicken Chili Soups Crock Pot 15 min. 4

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