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Santa Cruz Neighbors is a city-wide 501(c)3 nonprofit organization representing a network of neighborhoods which partners with educational institutions, local government, local businesses, and non-profits dedicated to a community oriented government and provides a neighborhood voice for the residents of Santa Cruz.

NEIGHBORHOODS as of 7/2010 with Street Boundary Description

  • 2030 N Pacific Neighbors / 2030 N Pacific Condos
  • Alta Vista Neighbors / Streets connected to Alta Vista
  • ATL Neighbors / Tannery Arts Center Neighbors
  • Beach Flats / Leibrandt-Raymond-Beach St-3rd Street
  • Beach Hill Association / Front St-Beach St-Riverside-Leibrandt-3rd Street
  • Birkshire, Society for a Better / Birkshire St
  • BOSS Neighbors / Residents the Broadway, Ocean, Seabright and Soquel area, covering: Ocean Street Ocean View Ave South Branciforte Ave Caledonia St Pine St Pennsylvania St Cayuga St Seabright Ave Soquel Ave Hanover St Effey St Broadway
  • Branciforte Ave Neighbors / Branciforte btw Soquel Ave and Water St with side streets off Branciforte Ave
  • California St Neighbors/ California and Mission Sts btw Bay and Laurel
  • Carbonera Area / All streets in Carbonera
  • Central Park Association / Leonard-May and part of Dakota St
  • Clearview Court / At Beach and Bay Sts
  • Cleveland Ave Area Neighbors / All streets connected to Cleveland Ave
  • Downtown Association / Laurel-Front-Roncon-Lincoln and Chestnut Sts
  • East Morrissey Neighborhood / Morrissey- Soquel- La Fonda - Hwy
  • El Rio MHP Neighborhood Watch / 2100 N Pacific Ave
  • Escalona, Jordan, Storey & Kirby / Escalona, Jordan, Storey & Kirby
  • Fair Ave Neighbors / Swift-Delaware-Almar-Mission
  • General Lower Westside
  • Grandview Neighbors / NW Hwy 1 & Western Drive
  • Harvey West Assoc. / All streets in Harvey West area
  • High Street Neighbors / Highland to Laurent Sts
  • Highland Watch Neighbors Assoc / Highland-Hillcrest-Story-Escalona-King
  • Lee St Neighbors / Lee St
  • Lighthouse Cowells Neighbors / Bay St to Pelton,West Cliff Dr to Columbia and Continental
  • Linden St Neighbors / Linden St
  • Lower Seabright Neighbors / Seabright-Murray-East Cliff-Buena Vista-Pine Sts
  • Lower Escalona Neighbors / Escalona from Hollywood to Highland, King from Hollywood to Mission Adjacent blocks of Kirby, Storey, Peyton, and Highland
  • Market St Neighbors / Market-Water-Ocean-Plymouth to Hwy 1
  • Miles St Neighbors / Miles-Dimond-Sherman Sts.
  • Mission Neighbors / Streets around Mission Plaza and 2 blocks Mission St
  • Moore Creek Area / inc. Western-Lisa Ct-Penquin Ct
  • Natural Bridges Neighbors / Swanton-Delaware-Swift-West Cliff Dr
  • Neary Lagoon Neighbors / Chestnut to California, along Laurel and Myrtle Street
  • Neighbors of Circles / All Circle Streets
  • Neighbors of Lower Ocean / NOLO-San Lorenzo Blvd-upto Ocean View- and Broadway
  • Nobel Neighborhood / All streets connected to Nobel Dr
  • Ocean's 11 / Oceans St from Water St to Hwy 1 Ocean St Ext, Jewel St, Coloma, Blaine,moon Alley, Villamar Way, Kennan, Humbolt, Franklin, Pryce and Felker Sts
  • Neighbors of Ocean View Assoc. / Oceanview from Broadway to Park, S. Branciforte, Peck Terr., 100 & 200 blocks of Windsor and Windham
  • Pasatiempo Neighbors / Pasatiempo area-Hwy 1
  • Prospect Heights Area / Pacheco-Prospect Heights-Brookwood-Hwy 1
  • Roundtree Neighbors Group / Palo Verde Terr area
  • S N A / Seabright area Murray St-East Cliff-San Lorenzo Rivermounth to Yacht Harbor
  • SAGE-SC Neighbors / Beachview Ave, Grandview St,Escalona to Mesa Lane, Arroyo Seco to Escalona, Serra and Crespi Courts
  • Seabright Avenue Neighbors / Near Frederick Street Park
  • Seabright Neighbors / Seabright-Clinton-Owen-Eaton Sts
  • SODA CANeighbors / Almar Ave and Woodrow Ave btw Delaware Ave and West Cliff Dr
  • SOMBA / Bay-Lennox-Almar Mission
  • GEMSS / South Morrissey Neighbors / S. Morrissey-Broadway-Soquel Ave-Frederick-Broadway-Seabright
  • South of Laurel Neighbors / Center-Laurel-Front St-Pacific Ave
  • SpringTree St Assoc / Part of Spring St-Kalkar-Quarry-Rockridge
  • Swift St Neighborhood Watch / Swift-West Cliff Dr-Almar-Delaware
  • West Escalona, King, Miramar / Escalona-Miramar-Mission-Bay Sts
  • West Cliff Drive Association / West Cliff Dr
  • Western Dr Lower Area / Grandview
  • Western Dr Upper Area / Mountain Way to Meder St
  • Westlake Neighbors Assoc / Above Escalona- all streets off Highland-High St to Bay St
  • Windsor Neighbors/ Windsor and Pennsylvania corners
  • Villa de Branciforte East Neighbors / Stanford-Fairmount-Morrissey-Water Sts

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