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Start with the CURRENT HIGHLIGHTS on the homepage to find out what is new each week.


Use the LOCAL RESOURCES to find a business directory filled with information, links and phone numbers to everything for families: birthday parties, baby showers, camps, children's classes, sports, fitness, pregnancy, special needs, child care, home school, shopping, family restaurants, travel, family activities and so much more!


Use the A-Z Quick Find when you just need contact information for the business.


Use the PARENT PLANNER to organize activities with other parents. Use it to plan trips when you are visiting a city and want to choose activities and resources.

The EVENT CALENDAR includes annual events & ongoing weekly activities. On our Weekly Calendar you can find out about ongoing events such as story times and playgroups.


Find LOCAL NEWS & ENTERTAINMENT in Santa Cruz that connects you with local weather, news, tv guide, movie show times and sports. 


There are free CLASSIFIEDS to find babysitters and buy & sell children's items.


Learn how to make a difference in your community on our FAMILIES GIVING BACK page. Local non-profits have posted their volunteer needs and wish lists. Each month we profile a different non-profit.

You will also find: PARENT CHAT where you can share information with other parents. CITY OVERVIEW for those of you that are visiting a new town and want the lay of the land. PARENT PERKS where you can find special offers from local businesses. PARENT TIPS on: children's etiquette, researching preschools, screening babysitters,and more.


Check out the DADS SCOREBOARD and MOMS ON THE MOVE where we profile local parents making a difference in their community. There are also great tips for working moms and stay at home dads. FAMILY PICKS gives kids the chance to have a voice and share their opinions on anything including favorite restaurants, movies, teachers and more.


Register to access restricted areas and receive our weekly NEWSLETTER filled with updates and information on upcoming events and activities.


Read our SANTACRUZPARENT.COM BLOGS for opinions and interesting ideas!


Use the EASY SEARCH dropdown menu at the top of every page to quickly access all pages on the site. 



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What will you find on ParentClick?® is the portal that connects parents to the individual cities and  provides additional resources and information.

Travel With Kids: Read about great places to visit with your children. Share your experiences with other parents. Find great travel tips and more.


Children's Book & Movie Reviews: Are you looking for a great book to give as a gift? Are you wondering whether the latest movie release is appropriate for your child? This is the place to read reviews on the latest books, new movie releases and dvd's.


Recipe Club: It can be so exhausting cooking meals every night and trying to come up with new and creative ideas. We have parents from all over the country sharing their tried and true recipes.


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