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Are You Sure You Want to Drink Cola?


     A friend sent along this article on Cola by Dino Pierce and while it's something we have heard and known for years, it's good to be reminded about what we are putting into our bodies!


     "Cola a Legal Drug! It is true from 1886 - 1903 Cola use to have cocaine in it! In 1903 they removed cocaine from Cola, but it still does not make Cola any less of a drug.  Cola like all soft drinks ravages the body within minutes of ingestion! You MUST consider "banning" carbonated beverages, whether they are diet or regular after learning the following facts! 


Cola concerns:

The New York Times asks, ‘Can too much cola cause kidney problems?' (1/25/08) Noting that concerns about cola's link to kidney problems are largely based on anecdotal evidence, NIH researchers investigated the claim and found that drinking two or more colas daily-regular or diet- was associated with a two-fold increased risk of developing chronic kidney disease (CKD).   For the study, which appeared in the journal Epidemiology, the researchers compared the behaviors of 465 people with CKD with those of 467 healthy people.  After controlling for various factors, the researchers uncovered the link between cola consumption and CKD; there was no link between drinking non-cola sodas and developing CKD. The Times notes that the findings validate the longstanding suspicion that cola's phosphoric acid can "pull calcium from bones" and may heighten patients' risk for renal ailments.The NIH researchers, meanwhile, say more research is needed. 


What happens to your body when you drink a Cola!

First 10 minutes: 10 teaspoons or 40 grams of pure sugar begin to enter your blood stream. That breaks down to be about roughly 100% of the recommended carbohydrate intake allowed per meal!

15 minutes: Your blood sugar spikes, the pancreas gushes out insulin, and your liver responds to the surge of glucose by converting excess sugar into triglycerides and ultimately body fat.

40 minutes: Caffeine absorption is now complete. Your pupils are dilated, your blood pressure rises, and as a result of this complete caffeine upload which triggers stress related hormones, your liver dumps even more sugar into your bloodstream. The adenosine receptors in your brain are blocked, which prevents drowsiness.

45 minutes: As with all sweets or any of your "favorite foods" - your body up-regulates dopamine production stimulating the pleasure centers of the brain. This works in the same way that heroin and other addictive drugs affect your brain. Addiction is Addiction!

60 minutes: The phosphoric acid in the soda binds to calcium (which is pulled from your bones), magnesium and zinc increasing urinary excretion of calcium weakening your bones.

60 Minutes: Diuresis assures that you'll evacuate the bonded calcium, magnesium and zinc that was headed to or located in your bones as well as sodium and electrolytes.

60 minutes: It's inevitable; you'll have a metabolic crash and you may become irritable, foggy headed, and sluggish. You've also managed to urinate all of the water that was in the drink, but not before infusing it with valuable nutrients and electrolytes that your body could have used for hydration or building/marinating strong bones and teeth. Not to mention - now you have a habit to kick.


Cola Uses:

Everything in Moderation is a Myth! Source:

To clean a toilet: Pour a can of Cola into the toilet bowl... Let the "real thing" sit for one hour, then flush clean. The citric acid in Cola removes stains from vitreous china.

To remove rust spots from chrome car bumpers: Rub the bumper with a crumpled-up piece of Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil dipped in Cola.

To clean corrosion from car battery terminals: Pour a can of Cola over the terminals to bubble away corrosion.

To loosen a rusted bolt: Applying a cloth soaked in Cola to the rusted bolt for several minutes.

To remove grease from clothes: Empty a can of Cola into a load of greasy clothes, add detergent, and run through a regular cycle. The Cola will help loosen grease stains. It will also clean road haze from your windshield.

To transport Cola syrup (the concentrate) the commercial truck must use the Hazardous material place cards reserved for Highly Corrosive materials."


How about a glass of water?


 Dino Pierce is a nationally known Professional Speaker, Published Author, Sports Nutritionist, Certified Fitness Trainer, Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, Certified Insulin Pump Trainer, Program Coordinator for a Successful Outpatient Diabetes Program, and a Success Coach.  E-mail him at


(Icons/Graphics) LadyDetectives.jpg            Events for Your Pleasure! 


Calendar Details


(Site Photos) StateParkBigBasin.jpgThere are too many AWESOME STATE PARKS SEPTEMBER ACTIVITIES to list them all: Go to the Events Calendar and select State Parks.  Our local rangers have planned activities for all ages, toddlers, teens and adults!



Fri, Sat & Sun, Sept 19: 7pm, 20: 7pm, 21: 2pm  HONK! is a marvelously funny musical with a toe-tapping and frequently touching score and amazing choreography." It is the Hans Christian Anderson's tale of The Ugly Duckling spun as a sophisticated Broadway theater production with a great message of acceptance that will be appreciated by adults and children alike.

Calendar Details

Sat, Sept 20,1-4pm  Boys & Girls Clubs Day for Kids

Mothers have a day. Fathers have a day. Even groundhogs have a day. Isn't it time that kids have their own day too?  Join the celebration! Make time to bring the special child in your life to the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Cruz Day for Kids Event.  A fun-filled day for the entire family ... and it's free!  Featuring a dunk tank, climbing wall, BBQ and more.


Sat, Sept 20  6-10pm,  Open Gym / Parents Night out!  Santa Cruz Sports Central

Ages 3-13. Safe gymnastics, games, trampoline, snacks & fun. Call to reserve your spot as space is limited.  Perfect amount of time for dinner & movie while kids have fun too!


(Site Photos) AirplaneRideKid.jpgSat, Sept 20, 10am  Watsonville Airport Open House

Airplane rides, car show, motorcycle demostration, kids play area, display aircaft, food and much more.

No admission fee.  Plane rides for 10 cents/pound.

Calendar Details


Sat, Sept 20,10am-4pm Ohlone Day, Henry Cowell State Park 
Celebrate the ways of the Ohlone People of the past with those of the present. Ohlone people will share their traditional basketry, songs, stories, tools, musical instruments, dance, and their history. Participate in Ohlone crafts and game, watch hot rock cooking and fire making demonstrations as you enjoy this unique day.

Calendar Details

Sat, Sept 20, 7pm  Campfire Program
Join us in our historic campfire center for an evening of song and story. Serenade the glittering stars (Icons/Graphics) CampfirePhoto.jpgand learn about redwood ecology, creatures of the forest or stories of the sky while relaxing in the shadows of the towering trees. Fire lighting and marshmallows at 7:00 p.m.; program begins at 7:30 p.m. Wheelchair/stroller accessible. Bring a flashlight. Good dogs welcome!

Calendar Details


Sat, Sept 20, 11:30am  Could You Survive in the Wild? Big Basin State Park
During this fun, interactive demonstration, you'll learn what it takes to survive overnight in the wilderness. Dan Friend, a wilderness survival teacher, will lead this family friendly, hour-long program on how to be prepared in the wilderness-what to bring in your pack and what knowledge to have in your head. Bring your daypack and we'll review the contents! Meet at Park Headquarters.


Sat, Sept 20 9am-12pm, Join Save Our Shores for Annual Coastal Cleanup Day at various beach and slough sites throughout Santa Cruz County. We will also have kayak and SCUBA based sites!


(Site Photos) WilderRanchBluffs.jpgSun, Sept 20, 11am, Wilder Ranch Coast Nature Walks
On this two-hour natural history excursions you will explore the plants, animals, and geology of the spectacular coastal bluffs. Meet at the Wilder Ranch interpretive center. Bring a snack, water, binoculars, and good walking shoes. Binoculars are available to borrow. Walk is canceled if rain.

Calendar Details


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Wanting to earn about different schooling options? Go here.

Pregnant? Have a Toddler? Go here.

Yes, I can not say 'no'! Can a Yes-Woman Become a No (to)-It-All?

By Leslie Dinaberg, South Coasting 


(Site Photos) LeslieDinabergPhoto.jpg"You know how to do it, " whispers the assertive angel on my shoulder, and yes, she sounds a bit like Lauren Bacall. "Just put your lips together and say, ‘NO!'"


I can feel the unfamiliar sound forming, it's just a breath away from coming out of my mouth ... then the word gets stuck in my throat. Inexplicably, my lips start moving and those other familiar words come out: "Yes," or "Sure, I'll do it," or even worse, "Why not?" Why not! Why not indeed! Because I have too much to do. Because I did it the last time. Because I want to be at home with my family. Because I don't want to. Because I, Leslie Dinaberg, am a yes-aholic.


There. I've taken the first step toward recovery. Why is it so hard for me to say "no," I wonder for the umpteenth time, as I sit here writing this column, at home, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, while my son and my husband are off enjoying themselves at the pool? I wish I could blame this on an evil boss who piles on the weekend assignments, but it's my own fault. I'm taking the day off tomorrow and I knew I'd have to finish this column before then ... but all of last week I kept saying yes to appointments and obligations and assignments that I knew I didn't really have enough time for. And here I am, just another "yes-aholic" working on a Sunday, with no one to blame but myself.


What's so tough about saying "no?" "No" was one of the first words my son learned to say. He mastered it by screaming the word at the top of his lungs, usually in quiet public places. He got so skilled at saying "no" that my husband and I even made up a song (to the tune of that "Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow" commercial) where the word "no" was the sole lyric. We still perform occasionally when a toddler comes to visit. If preverbal children can say "no," why do I have such a hard time?


"Most women find it very hard to say no and set limits on what they do for others," writes Judith Selee McClure, Ph.D. in Civilized Assertiveness for Women. While most sentences that begin with "most women" are mostly never true, she does mostly have a point. "Women are conditioned to say, ‘Yes, I'll give you whatever you need or want' - and to feel guilty when they don't." Has McClure been spying on me or are there actually other yes-aholics out there?


When the "Y-word" comes out my mouth instead of the "N-word," it's not because I'm so toxically nice I can't say no, and it's not that I don't think someone else can do the job as well or better than I can. That's a lie, but it's still not why I'm saying "yes." Really it's all about guilt. As Erma Bombeck put it, "Guilt is the gift that keeps on giving." It sticks with you all right. Ask me a simple question and I can't bear the thought of disappointing my child, my boss, my parents, my husband, the coach, the teacher, even the receptionist.


When they say, "Would you mind, the doctor/dentist/manicurist is running a bit late," -- of course I mind! But I'd feel like I was a terrible person if I told them so. That would imply that my time was equally as important as theirs. How could I be so selfish? Because ultimately, asserting yourself isn't about being selfish. There are lots of good reasons to stop saying "yes."


For one thing, saying "yes" when you want to say "no," makes your stomach hurt and your head ache. You feel like you're being taken advantage of, and then guilty because after all, you're the one who said "yes."


"You go girl," cheers my assertiveness angel, who apparently doesn't know it's 2008. "No more ‘I'm just a girl who can't say no,'" she sings, sounding more like Gwen Stefani than Celeste Holm in Oklahoma.


She's right. And in her honor, I've devised a three-step program to help combat yes-aholism. I was going to do two steps, but my boss told me to do three. I said "yes." Hmm. Just say "no" and you and those around you will be happier. Always saying yes will only land you in places you don't want to be, like therapy, divorce court, or with no friends to complain to because you've alienated them all by making them look bad because you do more than they do.


Just say "no" and you'll have more enthusiasm, not to mention time and energy, for the things you do say "yes" to. Just say "no" with a little bit of grace and your kids will learn by your example how to stand up for themselves and balance their goals with other people's.


You don't want to raise little yes-aholics do you? All together now, just put your lips together and say "no." If that doesn't work, keep your mouth shut, and turn your neck to the left, then turn it to the right. Repeat until the other person walks away.


When Leslie's not saying "yes" to her family, boss, the PTA, the soccer team and the IRS, she can be reached at For more columns visit

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     Soon you will be able to read blogs from Lorraine Pursell, "Since 1995 I've taught and counseled children, their parents and their educators.  I am a Board Certified Educational Therapist with a (Business Logos) LorrainePursellPhoto.jpgCounseling Master's, and I see that a big part of a child's school and personal success is with parenting. I help parents achieve greater success at home, and teachers to foster more success with their students.  My mission is providing you with proven tools and support." 


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We want local parent bloggers!!

      Are you a Dad or Mom who would like to write about life with kids from your point of view? “Is there a writer in you dying to break out?” [Thanks Laura Davis]  We only ask that you post about once a week about anything relevant in your family life!  If you're interested or you know someone who might be interested, send us an email with some information about the potential blogger.

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(BUILT IN) (Icons/Graphics) Text_Print_postit.jpgDoes everything you prepare come home (Icons/Graphics) FoodFruit.jpgun-eaten!? Here's a great Snack List for those lunchboxes, car trips and the beach!

Parents' Night Out
Kids Gymnastics Night
Sat, Sept 20
Ages 3-12
Reserve your space!

Autumn Cooking Class


(Site Photos) Casserole1.jpg


     This class is part of the seasonal cooking series, offered at the beginning of each seasonal change and is a wonderful way to learn how to select foods and cooking techniques for the Autumn Season.  In the first class we will be making and sampling:

*Hearty casseroles and stews-vegetarian and flesh foods
*The use of raw foods and how to navigate cooked vs raw-ie., cooked vs raw carrot dishes
*A wonderful Autumn sauerkraut and other cultured vegetables
*How to use the oven and a sample of sweet baked goodies

9/21, 6-8pm
$40.00 per person-advance

$50.00 per person-drop in

$90.00 per person

for 3 classes

Ages: 18+

Register: 831-429-1390.

Culinary Center of Santa Cruz

Sell/Trade Costumes
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Yard Sales
Kid Stuff for Sale
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Where Locals
Shop for Great Meats,
Cheeses, Produce and Wines,
Banciforte and Soquel 
Santa Cruz

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Story Time
Mondays 11am 
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 for "Foodies"
Saturday 9am
1080 AM
  Tumbling Tutor
Ages walking-5
Fun While
Learning Balance,
Gaining Strength
and Fitness!
After 45 minutes of
movement adventure
with Somersault Suzy
your child will be
mellow and energized!
Portola & 41st
Call Barry

 Santa Cruz Spanish
Spanish Classes
at these schools:
Carden, Santa Cruz,
Linscott, Watsonville
Mar Vista, Aptos
Main, Soquel
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Seen at the Fair

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Boys will find water!
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Carved Melons!
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Young Pony Rider
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to join our sales team.  Are you looking to make some extra money and work when it suits your schedule?  If so, we may have the perfect solution for you!  For more information please contact us, 713-7026.

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