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      "Suddenly my joints began hurting and I felt so weak I couldn't move. My entire body was in pain. I could barely tolerate the sheets touching my skin. My head throbbed if I moved it, my eyes felt like needles were in them, my throat was so sore it hurt to swallow, I had a temperature that wouldn't quit and I was exhausted.  When I stood up, if I could, I was so dizzy I could barely walk. Did I mention chills too?" Mary Flu Victim




by Arthur S. Dover, M.D.


     ‘Tis the season for influenza and influenza vaccine ("flu shots"). Influenza is a viral bronchitis spread by respiratory route and hands that comes to the US once a year in epidemic fashion. It is not to be confused with the common cold or stomach "flu". In a non-immune person, it typically starts with abrupt onset of sore throat, headache, dizziness, high fever, chills, muscle aches, runny nose and fatigue - all of which can last up to 5 days, and a painful, persistent cough that lasts up to 3 weeks. Common complications are middle ear and sinus infections, bacterial bronchitis, asthma flare-ups and pneumonia, sometimes resulting in hospitalizations and death (60 million cases in the US, and 36,000 deaths, primarily in young children and the elderly). Experiencing this disease once usually convinces a person of the value of being vaccinated.


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     The best protection we have against this common and highly contagious infection is the vaccine which is produced annually in the US according to specifications of the expected current viral strains. This vaccine contains inactivated virus particles; therefore it cannot infect a person. In years past, vaccines contained live virus, thus some persons actually became sick from the vaccine itself. Nowadays, the alleged association of illness with the vaccine administration is coincidental, not causal. Vaccination protects not only the individual but also their close contacts.


     The injected vaccine is prepared in the embryonated chick egg, thus persons with egg allergy should have the intranasal vaccine, which is prepared differently. The vaccine destined for children from 6 months to 3 years of age and for pregnant women has no preservative, while that used by the general public has thimerosol preservative containing a miniscule amount of mercury, which is passed in the urine soon after administration.


     Vaccination is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics for all children from 6 months to 18 years of age this year. It is also recommended for all persons over 50 years of age, caretakers of infants and the elderly or infirm, those with chronic diseases, and this year, with good vaccine supply, all other persons who desire the protection. The more persons vaccinated in our community, the less person-to-person spread will occur, and the entire population will be less affected. Is there protection from herbal medications and good nutrition? Perhaps so, but there is no data. My renowned acupuncturist-herbalist friend takes the flu shot every year.


     Over more than 30 years of pediatric practice, I have administered some 1500 doses of vaccine annually to children and adults. I have never seen an adverse reaction to the vaccine. During the yearly epidemic season, I am in close contact with hundreds of very sick, coughing patients and have never been let down by the vaccine which I myself take annually. My vaccinated patients have very mild or no influenza symptoms, while the non-immunized suffer. The adults typically say "Doc, I feel like I'm going to die", while the children are just quietly miserable.


Arthur S. Dover, MD, practices pediatrics and travel medicine in South Santa Cruz County.
Visit him at  831-722-2806,
Member Physcians Medical Group of Santa Cruz

(BUILT IN) (Icons/Graphics) Money_DollarSign.jpgMatched Savings Account Offer

for "Low-Wealth" Families

    An opportunity to open a savings account, have every dollar matched up to $2,000 (so you end up with $4,000) and participate in financial education is available through Santa Cruz Community Credit Union. To learn more about this program, its requirements and restrictions, go here.

(Site Photos) SukiWessling.jpgVisit with Suki Wessling,

our Blogging Mom


     We are delighted to have local writer and parent Suki Wessling join us to share her unique parenting experiences.(Icons/Graphics) FlowersHibiscus.jpg  Welcome Suki!


     "About me: I am a writer, publisher, and web designer who thought she could pop out a couple of kids and just continue along the path she'd already been on. Needless to say, it didn't happen like that. After I had one child, I was able to do some professional work in the bits of time I got. After my second child was born, I found out the truth (that everyone had told me but I just didn't believe!) -- your work expands exponentially with the second child.


     My son is now in fourth grade and happily goes off to school each day. My daughter is in first grade. She and I have embarked on the journey called homeschooling. I think I have learned more about my child, my self, and education in the last year of homeschooling than ever before. So I'll have a lot to say about that.


     I like to write about issues that concern parents and offer information that I think parents will benefit from. If you know of something happening in our community that you think should be written about, please contact me. Santa Cruz is unique in the wide range of possibilities that we have for our kids. A lot of parents I know feel like there are just too many choices. We tend to be too busy and few of our children get to experience the lives that many of us had -- long stretches of boredom and imagination. I'm striving to give that to my kids as much as I can. But I also want to let them take advantage of all the great things our area has to offer."  Suki


Read Suki's Blog here.  You can access all our blogs by clicking on Blog on the lower right section of our homepage.  Email Suki.

You know them! Tell us about

Mighty Fine Moms and Dads in Santa Cruz County.

     Do you know parents who should receive recognition for all that they do? We would love to hear about them.   We shall feature the moms in Mom's Spotlight and our awesome dads on our Dad's Scoreboard!  Please email us your nomination and tell us why.  



(Icons/Graphics) LadyDetectives.jpg            Events for Your Enjoyment! 


Open Studios is in North County Sat & Sun!(Special Event Page Graphics) OpenStudiosWillbyMaryHopf.jpg

    The Open Studios self-guided Art Tour takes place from the redwoods to the sea. Thousands of art enthusiasts visit with artists in their studios to see the creative process at work.

     Art Tour information is available through the 15-month Artist Guide/Calendar, a Preview Exhibit at the Santa Cruz Art League, and on the website. Open Studios

Willy's Wanderlust by Artist Mary Hopf

Hours 11am-6pm

Oct 11 & 12, North of 7th Ave; Oct 18 & 19, All;  




Please go to the calendar and click on the day of the event that interests you for details.


Thurs, Oct 9, Parenting Unique Children


Thurs & Fri, Oct 9 & 10 Book Fair Safari, Gateway School, Welcome


Fri, Oct 10, A Persistent Peace: One Man's Struggle for a Non Violent World, Capitola Book Cafe


(Special Event Page Graphics) HalloweenBoo.jpgFri, Oct 10, Halloween Movies, Ramsay Park Family Center, Watsonville



Sat Oct 11, 9-10am, Population, "To control, or not to control, that is the question!" Michael Olson hosts two guests with opposing perspectives.  Tune to 1080 AM on the dial to learn how population issues affect the Food Chain!


Sat & Sun, Oct 11 &12Roaring Camp Harvest Fair

(Site Photos) TaikoDrumming1.jpg


Sat & Sun, Oct 11 & 12, Fire Festival Concert, Watsonville Taiko Drumming


(Site Photos) Butterfly.jpgSun, Oct 12, Welcome Back Monarchs Day


(Special Event Page Graphics) StompRockets.jpgSun, Oct 12, Hands on Science Demo, Stomp Rockets, Capitola Book Cafe


Sun, Oct 12, Super Kids Triathlon, The triathlon begins with the swim, and continues into the bike and run segments without any breaks. Info


Calendar Details



(Special Event Page Graphics) HalloweenJackOLanternCat.jpgOctober!!  When you go to our calendar click on the pull-down menu and select Harvest & Halloween.  This jack o'lantern will designate Halloween Events, pumpkin patches and  harvest-related events!  Check back frequently as we shall be adding events as they come in.  Calendar Details


(Icons/Graphics) MomwithBaby2.jpgTues, Oct 21, 7-9pm, Pregnant? Come to the Birthnet Fall Expo, Simpkins Family Swim Center Community Room, 979 17th Ave. The evening is packed with positive energy and valuable resources for pregnant and postpartum women and their families. We will be showing the DVD "It's My Baby, My Body, My Birth." This event is always free to the public, (donations welcome). Be sure to tell any pregnant friends or clients about the Fall Expo, the Winter Expo won't be here until January.

(Icons/Graphics) LeafBorder.jpg

(Site Photos) BrookAlisha1.jpg

"Fabulous photographers capturing every moment,
Brook and Alisha Todd."   
                       -Oprah Winfrey
Now in Santa Cruz with a Photography Special for Locals Only!
Please visit us at

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Open Houses
Village Preschool 10/11
UCSC Preview  10/11
GBK 10/14
Gateway 10/16


Special Events!
GBK Tanzania Trip 10/12
Gault Carnival 10/25
Aptos Academy

Festival 10/25

School News
API Scores


CA High School

exit exam results


Sample English

exit exam.


Sample Math

exit exam.

" little scientist got the closest view of one of those magnificent birds that she'll probably ever get...unless she becomes a marine biologist."
New Blog by Suki

“A shy person is a selfish person”, she announced.
New Blog  by Parmalee

(Business Logos) FreshPrepLogo.jpg


Join us!
Open House!

Oct 18, 11am-3pm
Enjoy samples
from our
October menu
and learn more

about our services.

504 A Front St.

Santa Cruz

Tyrolean Inn

(Business Logos) TyroleanLogo3.jpg

9600 Hwy 9

Ben Lomond




 infants to tweens! 

(BUILT IN) (Icons/Graphics) HalloweenCostumeDressupX.jpg


Go to

Baby Bloomers

Water St, Santa Cruz


Jelli Beanz

2555 Soquel Av, Santa Cruz


Little Peoples

2601 Main St, Soquel

& Safeway Center, Scotts Valley

476.7244, 438.7245


Baby Shoppe

1101 Pacific Ave

Santa Cruz

(Site Photos) HalloweenBabyShoppe.jpg


Perk for your


Find it on
Glen Arbor
is a parent participation
pre-school & childcare
committed to providing
a stimulating environment,
care and education
for young children.
9393 Glen Arbor Road
Ben Lomond

  Tumbling Tutor
Ages walking-5
After 45 minutes of
movement adventure
with Somersault Suzy
your child will be
mellow and energized!
Portola & 41st
Call Barry

(BUILT IN) (Icons/Graphics) father_son.jpg


do you like to blog?

Now that we have

a mom blogger, is looking for a dad blogger to share unique dad views on parenting.  You may have little ones, tweens or teens, we're interested in all stages.  We want to hear your voice!!  Send us a sample story, one to five paragraphs, whatever it requires to tell a parenting story.

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"Best hamburg meat

in town!" Ivan


(Site Photos) HalloweenDogs.jpg

"We do tricks

for treats!"


for checkups

go to

Dr. Ken Cholden
Dr. Jen Berry


All Pets

Veterinary Clinic

Call them!


1226-B Soquel Ave
Santa Cruz


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