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In the Garden: Autumn Harvest


"It takes a certain peace, hanging around a garden all day. It takes a love of silence and air. A liking for long, slow thoughts........ a friendliness for birds."

Scarecrow by Cynthia Rylant



     (In The News Graphics) IntheGardenJanine.jpgWhen harvesting seeds, let the seeds dry on the plant. You may want to cover the seed heads with a paper bag to keep the birds from eating them, especially sunflower seed heads and corn. Leave several sunflower seed heads uncovered so your children can watch the birds eat them.

      Package seeds in a well-marked, tightly sealed paper envelope and give away to friends and family, and save some for yourself to plant in the Spring.

      Now that Halloween is over, put your decaying pumpkin in the garden and watch the changes daily. A wonderful book to read is Pumpkin Circles by local author George Levenson. The photographs are wonderful and show the changes and life-cycle of a pumpkin.


Excerpt from Gardening with Gus by Janine Canada,

local teacher, author and gardener

Talk to our Bloggers!  They appreciate feedback. 

Suki's most recent blog is about about Sensitive Children

Lorraine asks, "Can You Let it Go?"

Heads Up for Preschool and Daycare Providers!


     The pre-school age children of our community have been experiencing outbreaks of two unique viral infections recently - viruses that usually are not very common in our community. Both illnesses are spread by feces to skin to mouth and possibly by oral-oral route (saliva, shared food and objects). The incubation period is from 4 to 6 days. Anyone can become infected with these viruses, but I am seeing it almost exclusively in children who attend day care or pre-school.


     Herpangina (not to be confused with herpes) is caused by coxsackie A virus, named after the town in New York where it was first isolated. It usually starts with sudden onset of fever, although sometimes there is none. Younger children tend to have higher temperatures and often vomit. They are fussy and have diminished appetites. Older children may complain of headache and backache. Most will have red throats at the time of first examination and have a few characteristic small blisters or ulcers on the tonsils, uvula, soft palate or throat. The symptoms last from 3 to 6 days.


     Hand, foot and mouth syndrome is more easily recognized by parents because of the appearance of small blisters inside the mouth, soles, and especially on the palms. There may be lesions on the buttocks also. This infection is caused by another coxsackie A virus or other enteroviruses and is often accompanied by low grade fever and discomfort for a few days. The lesions usually subside after 1 week.


     While distressing to the child and parents, these infections are usually mild and self-limited. There is no specific medication for either of these infections. Treatment of symptoms includes any of the common over-the-counter medications for fever and pain (not aspirin!) and bland diet. Good hygiene, especially hand washing, can prevent the spread to the other family members. This is especially important in the home and in day care settings where diaper changing occurs.

Arthur S. Dover, MD, practices pediatrics and travel medicine in South Santa Cruz County.
(831) 722-2806,

Please forward this information

to your child's preschool and your friends with small children.


(BUILT IN) (Icons/Graphics) Text_Contest.jpg
Win Three Main Meal Family Dinners!
Such as...

Manicotti Sorrentina, Fresh ricotta with seasonings and mozzarella cheese is stuffed into our manicotti shells and topped with our zesty marinara sauce. MMMMMM!


Turkey Meatballs w/Apricot Pepper Glaze, Tender seasoned lean turkey meat is used to create these great tasting meatballs. Roll them into any size you like--they make great cocktail meatballs! Oven bake or pan fry and then simmer with our very special apricot and red pepper glaze-A signature dish! Your guests will love them. Yummmmm!


Email us your 1) three favorite meals from Jody's menus


2) tell us the name of Jody's favorite vegetable (ask Jody, 429-1390),


and you will be entered into a drawing to win three main meal family dinners for three.




Events for your Enjoyment!

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For times, locations and descriptions, please visit our full calendar

You can select by exact date, a range of dates or category.


Thurs, Nov 6
(Site Photos) MountainLion.jpg7pm "Mysteries of the Dark Universe" UCSC Astronomy


4:30pm-5:30pm Teen Photography, Teen Center


6:30pm-8:30pm, Mountain Lion Talk, Watsonville Wetlands Watch


7-8:30pm, Eat Wise: Good Eats, Good Taste, Great Health, Walnut Ave Women's Center


Fri, Nov 7
(Special Event Page Graphics) fiddlerontheRoof.jpg11am-9pm, Free 1st Friday: Museum of Art & History


7-8:30pm, Red Vs. the Wolf, Aptos Academy


Nov 7-23, Fiddler on the Roof, Kids on Broadway


Sat, Nov 8


9am-4pm, Scotts Valley Holiday Craft and Gift Faire


10am-1pm, Create with Clay, MAH

full calendar

10am-4pm, Library Book Sale, Library Friends of Santa Cruz Libraries


1-2pm, Mission Building Methods, State Park SC Mission


7-9pm, Eat Wise, Library: Central


9am-12pm, Coffee Talk, State Park Big Basin Redwoods


10am-5pm, Bonny Doon Church Holiday Faire, Bonny Doon Church

full calendar


Sun, Nov 9
(Special Event Page Graphics) SteveSongs.jpg4:00pm-5:15pm SteveSongs Family Concert, Messiah Lutheran


3-5pm, Wild Cat Adventure, Wild Cat Education & Conservation


11am, Holiday Time on the Ranch, Wilder Ranch

(Site Photos) OrigamiStegosaurus.jpg5:30-6:30pm, Out-of-the-Box Hands-On ORIGAMI EVENT! Capitola Book Café,

Adults & children 9+


4-6pm, Meet The Doulas, Sutter




(Special Event Page Graphics) Seussical.jpgNov 14-23
Seussical, Cabrillo College Theater

Tues & Weds, Nov 11& 12, Autumn Artisans Faire, Aptos Community United Methodist Church

Weds, Nov 12
7-8:30pm, Ultra Athlete & Author Terri Schneider, Capitola Book Café, Adults & teens.


6:30-8:30pm, East Meets West Children's Health Lecture Series, Live Oak Family Resource Center, Adults


Weds, Nov 5 & 19,

7:00pm- 8:30pm The World of the Young Child, Waldorf / Steve Spitalny


Outdoors in the Parks

Su and Sa Nov 8 & 9

2pm, Guided Tours of the Ancient Redwood Grove, State Park Henry Cowell


Tours of the Monarch Grove, State Park Natural Bridges

1pm, Footsteps of the Founders,
State Park Wilder Ranch

full calendar

(Site Photos) RedwoodsBoulderCreek.jpg

11am & 1pm, Elkhorn Slough Guided or Self Tours, Elkorn Slough Foundation

Sat, Nov 08
12pm, Shadowbrook Stroll, State Park Big Basin Redwoods

11am & 2pm, Redwood Loop Trail Naturalist Guided Walk, Big Basin Redwoods State Park


Sun, Nov 9
2-4pm, A Walk through Time, Quail Hollow Ranch, Ages 6+


(Icons/Graphics) SchoolHouseRed.jpg









Open Houses


Montessori Scotts Valley

11/5, 5-7pm

SC Montessori Jr Hi

11/5, 7-8:30pm

Waldorf HS


SC Montessori Pre & K

11/8 10am-12pm



Waldorf Grades

11/11, 8:45am



Springhill K-6

11/12 6:30-8pm


A Lovely Gift
for Parents of
Young Gardeners


(In The News Graphics) IntheGardenwithGus.jpg
Gardening with Gus
by Janine Canada

A colorful book full of activities, recipes, songs and books for parents and pre-school teachers.  For more information,




(Ads) Librarybooksale.jpg

Do you have an active baby/toddler? Mothersong may be just the place for you!  Joya's  great at capturing and directing energy with music.


(Business Logos) MothersongLogo.jpg



9:15 & 10:30


407 Broadway, SC


(Ads) WindintheWillows.jpg


The Wind in the Willows

Shakespeare Santa Cruz
Nov 21-Dec 14

For details go to full Calendar.

Click on the exact date.


Send us the name of your favorite Wind in the Willows character and we shall enter you in a chance to win tickets to the show.  Hurry!  Do it NOW!!


(Ads) Carden.jpg

319 La Fonda Ave, SC


Visit us!

"Fabulous photographers
capturing every moment,
Brook and Alisha Todd."
Oprah Winfrey

(Site Photos) Giada.jpg

Please visit us at

Tyrolean Inn

Please be our guest...

for November's


Bavarian Buffet.

This month features

Ribs with Apricot Mustard Glaze,

Chicken in Riesling,

Brandenberg Stuffed Cabbage,

& Gulash!

The desserts...

classic Apple Strudel,

Pear and Cranberry Tarts,

Chocolate Fudge Bars !

Hope to see you soon!

Tschuss! Whitney

9600 Hwy 9

Ben Lomond


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(Site Photos) Shannon.jpg10-Minute Tidy Tip of the Week!
Create an Organized First Aid Supply Area

Most homes have lots of first aid supplies but rarely are they organized. It's important to have all the necessary supplies should an emergency occur, and being organized will help reduce the stress of any situation. Begin by bringing all the household first aid supplies to one area. Decide where these are to be stored-probably - the ground floor is best, either in the kitchen or bathroom. Next, determine what you are going to keep everything in; then organize your supplies. Be sure to check for expired medicine and medicated bandages. Then group the basics together and let everyone know in your home where the kit is located.

The 10-Minute Tidy, 108 Ways to Organize Your Home Quickly  by Shannon McGinnis

Using the proven techniques in The 10-Minute Tidy, you can clear clutter, in just 10 minutes at a time! Have The 10-Minute Tidy become a daily habit and well-recognized phrase in your home. This book has enabled thousands to live in more organized homes and it will show you the way too!


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