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A Special Invitation for You!


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     Come spend a few hours taking a trip back into childhood  --running the trains at MAH with members of the "Over the Hill Gang," a group of toy train enthusiasts who share their collections with the public every December.  This is a free event, guaranteed to bring on smiles and joy!  Cheerful adults and teens are welcome to volunteer helping children share the running of the trains.  Shifts are 11am-2pm and 2pm-5pm.  Call Eric, 423.8072 or show up to see if you're needed!


MAH, 705 Front St, Santa Cruz, Dec 19-Jan 4.

Closed Mondays, Christmas & New Years Day


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A Christmas Carol


     This little piece on the origins of "merriment" comes to us from Carol, a friend who delights in words, stories, poems and their histories.  She found this on the Writer's Almanac.


     "On December 19th in 1843 Charles Dickens published A Christmas Carol, the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, whom Dickens described as "a squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous old sinner. Hard and sharp as flint, from which no steel had ever struck out generous fire." In A Christmas Carol, Scrooge learns the Christmas spirit of generosity from three ghosts who show him his past, his present, and his future.


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     Dickens' previous novel, Martin Chuzzlewit (1842), was a flop, and he was strapped for cash. Martin Chuzzlewit was satirical and pessimistic, and Dickens thought he might be more successful if he wrote a heartwarming tale with a holiday theme. He started writing in late October and worked hard to get it done by Christmas.


     At the time of the book's publication, the celebration of Christmas was somewhat controversial. Puritans in England and America argued that Christmas was a holiday left over from the days when pagans celebrated the winter solstice. Many Christians felt that the extravagance of Christmas was an insult to Christ. But A Christmas Carol was a huge best-seller in both England and the United States, and it set the tone for Christmas as we know it today: a season of generosity, feasting, and merriment."




December 21- 27

A Commemoration of the triumph of light over darkness


A Long Day For Morgenstern

by Mike Indgin 

Story and Photo courtesy of 


(Special Event Page Graphics) Chanukah.jpg     "Don't even try it, old coot!" The woman in the convertible Cadillac stepped on the gas, thwarting Morgenstern's latest attempt to merge into traffic.


     "That wasn't very nice," muttered Morgenstern. He had been trying to proceed for ten minutes, but no one wanted to let an 80 year old man in an old Dodge Dart in front of them. Eventually a red light stopped the parade of vehicles long enough for him to edge onto S. Vicente Boulevard. "Everyone is in such a hurry" he said as honking and cursing drivers passed him like he was standing still.


     Morgenstern wasn't having a very good morning. It was only 10 am, but already he had been yelled at by a movie producer who didn't like how long Morgenstern was taking to order his non-fat latte and nearly run down by a fast-walking new mom with a jogger stroller.


     Now he was carefully pulling into the library parking lot. A space loomed in front of him. In the moment it took to put on his turn signal, a car zoomed into the spot from the other direction. The young man got out of his BMW and rushed towards the door without a look back at the white-haired gent he had just cut off.


     Inside, Morgenstern mustered up his courage to confront the man. "That was my parking space," said Morgenstern. "Bite me," said the man. Before Morgenstern could answer, he was gone. Morgenstern shook his head.


     Of course, Morgenstern wasn't really 80 years old. He wasn't even a man. He was an Aklusian. And not just any Aklusian. A high-ranking Aklusian Planet Evaluator, sent to Earth to determine if it was a threat to the Aklusian colony on Mars. So far all signs pointed to "Yes". [ click to continue]



(Icons/Graphics) LadyDetectives.jpgEvents

December is full of fun events!

Try our Parent Planner for Easy Planning.

See full Calendar for Events Details!


(Holidays) ChristmasMontereyonIce.jpgThurs, 12/12 - 1/4 Ice Skating in Monterey Monterey On Ice is located in the Custom House Plaza near Historic Old Fisherman's Wharf.


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Dec 21-27 Chanukah

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Dec 24 & 25 Christmas Services



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Fri & Sat, 26 & 27, 6:30-8:00 pm Wild Things presents a Christmas Celebration, Do animals celebrate the holidays? Theirs do! Take a night time flashlight tour of the Wild Things wild animal park. Warm refreshments served after the tour and candy canes for the kids. Special appearance by Santa and his reindeer!


See full Calendar for Events Details!



(Special Event Page Graphics) HolidayLightsTrain.jpgMon & Tues, 22 & 23 (Last Day!) Holiday Lights Train, Boardwalk,The beautiful, decked-out Holiday Lights Train makes a roundtrip from the Boardwalk through the streets of Santa Cruz with music, hot cider, and Santa. It's festive fun for kids of all ages. Children under 3 are free.  Reservations

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Dec 7-Dec 31, Horse-drawn Carriage Rides, Downtown Santa Cruz, Clip-clop through Downtown Santa Cruz via the original form of horsepower. Fridays, 6-9pm; Saturdays, 4-8pm; Sundays, 1-4pm $5



See full Calendar for Events Details!


(Site Photos) WalkingWithDinosaurs.jpgFri-Tues, Dec 26-30 Walking with Dinosaurs, HP Pavilion
As big as it sounds! Unprecedented in scale and scope, 'Walking With Dinosaurs-The Live Experience' lets you get up close with 15 "live" dinosaurs designed and brought to life by The Creature Production Company. T-Rex, Stegosaurus, and the gigantic Brachiosaur are among the giant stars of the show, based on the award-winning BBC TV series.



Sat, Dec 27, 1-2pm, Wool Spinning & Weaving, Santa Cruz Mission  How did an isolated settlement clothe the hundreds of people who lived there? Find out as well look at the cloth industry of Mission Santa Cruz. We will follow the path of wool from the sheep to the shirt and you will have the chance to your hand at a drop spindle and spin your own piece of wool. Rain or Shine.


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Dec 18-30, Seymour Center Holiday Admission Specials!
With web coupon. Bring the family, out-of-town guests, and enjoy the holidays in a special way. Enjoy our incredible views in the warmth of the Seymour Center. Two-for-one admission, and free child with paying adult.




Sun, Dec 28, 11am-3pm A Baker is in the Victorian with treats to sample! Wilder Ranch. It may be cold and rainy outside but in the kitchen of the Victorian, a docent/baker in period costume will be turning out the most delicious cookies you have ever tasted. Living History Demonstrations History comes alive at Wilder Ranch State Park. Experience first-hand the life of a c.1900 dairy rancher in Santa Cruz County.


Thank you!

(BUILT IN) (Icons/Graphics) ChristmasMom_SantaHat.jpg     Thanks for inviting us into your mailbox this year.  We've had fun building up the site with choices for you, finding family events, date night events too, places to go that are free and fun, and letting you know about special events too.   There's a lot more in the works for 2009. 


     Let us know what you would like to have at your fingertips!  Email our bloggers!  They like to hear from you.  Our free parent chat section is for you to ask for information, help and to make comments.  Use our free classifieds to sell, buy, find sitters. Have you looked at some of our tips sections?  They are identified with a purple arrow.  If you have knowledge in some particular area, send us a short article!



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Rainy Days

and Roller Skating

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Go Together

at the

Santa Cruz

Roller Palladium

Call for

Holiday Hours




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Fresh Prep



Holiday Entertaining is Extra Special with These New Gourmet Bites To Go!

Fresh Brie en Croute
w/Caramelized Onion and Apples
12oz, $15

Toasted Crostini w/Cheese Spread
Roasted Garlic
Basil Pesto
6oz, $6.95

Bella Chi-Cha
Creamy Goat Cheese Torta w/Apricot
Creamy Gorgonzola Torta w/Fig
7.5oz, $7.95

Surmonte Fresh Chocolat Sauce
12oz, $9.95


3-Years Running


from Blackboard Catering
Fresh and Delicious!

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It's great!

10oz, $7.95


Fresh Prep


When you want to

save time & money!


504 B Front St,

Santa Cruz


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kajeet is the only cell phone service especially for kids!

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Visit: for more details!

Enter coupon code: SCPARENT at check out and receive FREE Shipping and 15% OFF your order. Check the Local Perks for another Bonus discount when you activate your new phone!



Parks A-Z

State, County, Cities



Winter Camp

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Lots of fun!

Gymnastics and Games

Sibling discounts

Santa Cruz





Tyrolean Inn

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Christmas Eve Dinner

Presents for Children

Gluhwein is here!

Traditional spiced red wine to warm your

soul and toes!

Tyrolean Inn

9600 Hwy 9

Ben Lomond



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'Tis the season

to give!

Share us

with a friend!


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We love visitors! 2 for 1 Coupon from Seymour Center

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