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Looking for Work?

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     You might be a teacher exploring your options, the family's sole breadwinner just recently downsized, a mom or dad deciding to get back into the workforce part or full time. Wherever you are, here are some words of wisdom from Mary Jeane Vincent, whose "work" is helping people find the work they love and developing a plan for moving into the that field. This is the first of four articles we'll be sharing with you by Mary Jeanne.  Enjoy!           Parmalee


Ten Ways to Win the Job Search Mind Game


by Mary Jeanne Vincent    


     Are you one of the thousands of job seekers who question their sanity, marketability, and capacity to make smart decisions-just because you've lost your job?


     Are you wondering how to overcome these psychological challenges, rebuild your self-confidence, increase your marketability, and regain your sense of sanity?

     In today's competitive job market, you need more than a killer résumé and great interviewing skills to survive.

     Twenty-first-century job seekers must be able to deal with ambiguity, maintain a winner's mindset, demonstrate customer focus, and have a blow-your-socks-off résumé and excellent interviewing skills. All of this requires that you be at the top of your game emotionally, physically, and mentally.
At one time or another, all job seekers face the same basic challenges: résumés that don't generate responses, telephone inquiries that don't produce interviews, few or no callbacks for second interviews, networks that don't perform, feedback from employers about not being a good match, and feeling stuck or otherwise unable to take action.

     Why is it that some job seekers are able to overcome these obstacles and move on to interesting, well-paying positions, while others languish in low-paying, uninspiring jobs-or worse yet, simply drop out of the market? Smart job seekers have learned that 99 percent of job hunting has to do with developing a "winner's mind-set." Apply these tips and you too will succeed in the job search mind game.

     Today's Successful Job Seekers...
1. Have a handle on their emotions. They know that getting past negative emotions-fear, worry, anger, and embarrassment, all of which erode self-confidence-is essential to their long-term success.
2. Seek positive outlets for the frustrations that inevitably surface during a job search.
3. Refrain from job hunting until they are emotionally ready and prepared with solid marketing materials: résumé, business cards and references.
4. Take time to review and assess their accomplishments, knowledge, and abilities before developing their job search strategy.
5. Learn from the experience of losing a job -whether it was the result of downsizing, company closing, or other circumstance-and find a way to capture the essential elements of the event and explain them in a meaningful way during job interviews.
6. Determine the price of being stuck in the job search, calculate the cost of not moving forward, make adjustments, and then take action.
7. Brainstorm ways around repeated resistance.
8. Use lulls in the job search wisely, to catch their breath and prepare for the next summit.
9. Let go of any shame or embarrassment they may feel about their situation and concentrate on the future.
10. Ask for help when they need it!

Implement these 10 tips and you will have mastered the psychology behind a job search.

If you can't wait for the rest of Mary Jeanne's articles, you can contact her today!


Mary Jeanne Vincent helps real job seekers just like you find jobs that meet the triple-F test: work that's fun, fulfilling, and financially rewarding. She is a professional career coach, trainer and author. For information, visit her at, write to or call 831.657.9151.


Gardening as a Family


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by Janine Canada

      If you haven't already, this Spring could be a ‘first' for your family to start a garden together. All children enjoy ‘hands-on' experiences and gardening certainly is that! As long as you keep it simple, your child will love being outdoors with you, digging in the dirt and eating the results!



Here are a few tips:
1. Start small - Perhaps plant a window box, in a large container or an above-ground planter box.
2. Start seeds indoors - Get a head start on Spring and plant seeds in peat pots or an egg carton. Give them lots of sunlight and every 3-4 days place the plants in a shallow dish of water so the plants can absorb the water.
3. Purchase child-size tools and gloves. This will help your child feel like they're really gardening, plus it's safer. A child-size watering can is also a good idea.
4. Leave an area in the garden for just digging! Children love to play in the dirt and can make roads for their dump trucks and tractors.
5. Make a secret place in the garden. Plant sunflowers and bend them slightly to make a house. Or make a tepee with bamboo poles and grow green beans or morning glories at the base of each pole.
6. Try fast growing plants like radishes, so children can see the results quickly.

These are just a few ideas of gardening fun for your family. More ideas are available from Have fun and start making plans now for your own family garden this year.


Janine Canada, formerly a local pre-school owner and teacher, recently published Gardening with Gus, a fun and colorful activity book full of projects, songs, recipes, gardening books for young children and lots of resources. Go to for more information.


Donate a Prom dress for a Santa Cruz County Teen


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      Hidden away in closets are prom dresses, bridesmaid's dresses, party dresses that may never again be worn. Now you can donate them to Santa Cruz County teens who are not be able to afford a prom dress. It is estimated that over 1500 dresses are needed.  Also welcomed are hairdo services and shoes.  Shoes are being collected by the Elks Lodge.   If you would like to help, call Pamela Whittington at Classic Cleaners, Yvonne at Yvonnes's or Tony Madrigal. Participants will be given a coupon that will allow them to attend a three-day dress giveaway event in April, just before prom season begins in May. Bring your dress to Classic Cleaners or Yvonne's and shoes to the Elks Club.

Classic Cleaners, 609 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz, 423-2630, or 2220 Soquel Ave.
Yvonne's, 122 Capitola Ave., Capitola, 426-1994
Tony Madrigal,, 420-5020
Elks Club, 150 Jewell St, Santa Cruz, 423-8240


Places to Go, Fun Things to Do


Calendar for details


Thurs, 3/19, 6:30-8PM, Conflict Resolution Workshop, El Jardin Bilingual Parent Cooperative Preschool, Free, Adults only, Join us for an introduction to using an easy to remember, four-step process (SEED) to transform conflict between adults and children into an opportunity for emotional closeness and social learning: Safety, Empathy, Expression of self, Democratic problem solving. Our speaker is Barbara Riverwoman from CRADLE (Conflict Resolution and Diversity: Lifeskills Education) a program of the Conflict Resolution Center of Santa Cruz County.


Thurs, 3/19, 8pm, Flashback Flix at Cinema 9,Titanic

(Special Event Page Graphics) KayakContest.jpgFri 3/20 – Sun, 3/22, 7am-4pm, Kayak Surf Festival, Adventure Sports, The 23rd Annual Santa Cruz Kayak Surf Festival attracts the best kayak surfers from around the globe to compete in new paddle surf craft designed specifically for this event, which is the longest running and largest kayak surf contest in the world. World-renowned Steamer Lane point break in Santa Cruz will be the competition zone for all events, with booths set up during the day and parties and surf kayaking videos at night. New this year is a College Team Surf Challenge. Schedule:

This is Santa Cruz' own Dennis Judson, swimming teacher of thousands of Santa Cruz children, kayaker, and adventure leader.  Come cheer for him!


Sat & Sun, 3/21 & 22, Trampoline Meet, Come check out the top trampolinists and tumblers in the state as they compete in Trampoline, Tumbling, and Double Mini-Trampoline. The fun starts at 1:30pm -8:30pm on Saturday and again 8:30am-11:30am on Sunday. Santa Cruz Sports Central


Sat & Sun, 3/21 & 22, 11am-6pm, Boardwalk Open Weekends, The Boardwalk is buzzing as all departments prepare for the rapidly approaching 2009 season. Rides are once again open for Full Operation on weekends and holidays.


Sat, 3/21 Santa Cruz County Science Fair, Civic Auditorium, The Science Fair showcases amazing and creative projects by the talented youth of Santa Cruz County. Interviews and Judging: Primary & Elementary Projects 9:30-10:30am, Junior & Senior Projects 11am-12pm, Open to Public 5-7pm


Sat, 3/21, 7:21pm, Star & Moon Viewing, Santa Cruz Astronomy Club, Emphasis is telescope observing, family participation, and public enjoyment of the wonders of the starry night. Observing at Bonny Doon Airport.


Sat, 3/21, 10am, We Have Stories to Tell, MAH. In this free six-week program participants tell family stories, write and illustrate them, and bind a hardcover book to be displayed at the annual Student Author Fair at Capitola Mall on May 2 and cataloged for the Santa Cruz Public Library's permanent collection.

Calendar for details

Sat, 3/21. 2-3pm, Bach Birthday Bash, The Santa Cruz Bach Academy celebrates Johann Sebastian Bach's 324th birthday with live music of Bach by excellent young musicians, stories about Bach's life, prizes, and of course, birthday cake from 2 to 3 p.m. at Holy Cross Church, 126 High St., Santa Cruz. The Bach Academy is a summer program of students ages 8-14 dedicated to nurturing children in the appreciation of the music, life and times of Bach. This event is free.


Sat, 3/21, 6-1-pm, Open Gym / Parents night Out! Santa Cruz Sports Central, Santa Cruz Sports Central Gym, Ages 3-13, Safe gymnastics, games, trampoline, snacks & fun. Call to reserve your spot as space is limited.


Weds, 3/25 3-6pm, Naturopathic Health Consults, New Leaf, Bring health and product questions to Dr. Aimée Shunney, Licensed Naturopathic Doctor for 15-minute consult. Dr. Shunney combines conventional medical diagnosis and treatment with natural therapeutic.

Sat & Sun, 3/14 & 15, 11am, Redwood Loop Walk,
Big Basin Redwoods, How do these grand redwoods grow to be so old? So tall? How are they important to humans? Join docent Doreen Devorah for this fun and informative guided half-mile stroll through a magnificent old-growth redwood forest. Stroller and wheelchair accessible. One hour. Meet at Park Headquarters. Heavy rain cancels.

Calendar for details

Sat, 3/21 11am, Wilder Ranch Coast Nature Walks, $6 parking, On these two-hour natural history excursions you will explore the plants, animals, and geology of the spectacular coastal bluffs. Meet at the Wilder Ranch interpretive center. Bring a snack, water, binoculars, and good walking shoes. Binoculars are available to borrow. Walk is canceled if rain.


Sat, 3/21, 12pm, Sempervirens Saunter, This moderate five-mile, four-hour loop walk will take you back in time to the origins of California's oldest state park. Discover the redwoods and other treasures that inspired the movement to save the trees. Docent Doreen Devorah will share stories of the park's first human inhabitants, pioneering homesteaders and early redwood conservationists. We'll pass historical places of interest and enjoy views of Slippery Rock and Sempervirens Falls. Bring a hat, sunscreen, snacks, water and good shoes. Meet at Park Headquarters.


Sun, 3/22, 11am, Living History Demonstrations, Wilder Ranch, Come for a picnic or a stroll, and you'll also find Victorian lawn games for your enjoyment. If you smell something delicious, see what's cookin' in the historic ranch house. learn about hand quilting with master quilter Carolyn Miller.
11am-3pm, Wood Stove Baking Demonstration, Cookies perhaps?!


Sat & Sun, 3/21 & 22, 11am & 2pm, Tours of the Monarch Grove, Natural Bridges, Join a Docent Naturalist for a tour of a state designated insect preserve. Thousands of monarch butterflies are returning this fall to one of the larger over-wintering sites in the United States. Learn the story of this beautiful creature and its fascinating seasonal migration. Public tours are offered on weekends and no reservations are necessary, or you may call 423-4609 to arrange a tour for a group of 10 or more. Meet at the Visitor Center for the hour-long program.

Calendar for details

Sat & Sun, 3/22, 1-2pm, Tours of the Mission, SC Mission, Join us at the Santa Cruz Mission State Historic Park for a guided tour of the oldest building in Santa Cruz. Come learn about the many people who have called this 180-year-old mission adobe their home. Tours are conducted rain or shine. The Santa Cruz Mission State Historic Park is located on School St. off of Mission and Emmet Street in Santa Cruz.

Sat & Sun, 3/21 & 22, 10am, Winter Wildflower Walk, Big Basin Redwoods, Join docent Scott Peden to learn to identify the companion plants of the redwood forest. This is a wonderful way to enjoy the season in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Bring along a field guide if you have one. Saturday's walk is a four-mile, four-hour walk. Sunday's walk is a five-mile, five-hour walk. Rain cancels walk, but join us inside our warm Sempervirens Room for a fireside plant chat and flower slide show! Meet at Park Headquarters.


If you don't find it here, check the Calendar!

If it's not in the Calendar, tell us about it!


Trudie's Blog: This is Why I Do This...


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Some might say that I am having a mid-life crisis.


Last summer I had an inter-planetary collision - my dog got hit by a car, my then partner decided that he really did not want to work much, my ex-husband and his wife had a baby and I had 10 million visitors in one month from around the world. Plus earlier I had my own health scare, which thankfully proved to be nothing.


That is when I received a letter from Team in Training... >>>>>

Suki's Blog: That Amazing Human Animal


(Site Photos) SukiWessling.jpg


     I'm not sure why I find popular medical news so interesting. I think in part it's a fascination with the unlimited potential of amazingly vigorous human animal. We just don't want to let anything go. We seem to have a biological imperative to keep chipping away at everything that discomforts us, from panty liners to life-threatening allergies.


     This article in the Chronicle caught my attention. Neither of my children has life-threatening allergies, but I have known some kids who did and it is truly a frightening experience for families. >>>>>

Parent Coach: It's So Great to be With You!


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     OMG! I'm so glad to be with you again! I've been scheming and scheduling my spring speaking tour and I hope you'll join me somewhere. I'll be presenting "3 Pro-Secrets to Discipline that Work!" We're lining up places, making arrangements, setting dates. Phew! I'll be so happy to meet you in person at one of my stops. I'll keep you posted...>>>>>


(Icons/Graphics) SchoolHouseRed.jpgSchool Corner






Open House


3/18, 6:30-8pm

Living Earth


3/19, 3-4:30pm

Waldorf High School

3/21, 10am-2pm


3/22, 11am-2pm

The New High School

3/22, 11am-2pm

Aptos Academy

3/22, 2-5pm

The New High School

Parent Info Night

3/24, 7:30pm

Santa Cruz Montessori


3/28, 10am-12pm

Montessori Scotts


3/28, 11am-2pm


School Events

Pacific Collegiate

Starmites, Spring

3/20-22, 7pm


Pool for School

3/22, 5-9pm

Details in Calendar

Your Backyard Bounty


Have you ever wanted your own vegetable garden?
(Icons/Graphics) GardeningTools.jpg
Do you like the idea of sharing the joy of growing your own food with your children? Has your child expressed interest in growing things but you don't know how to get started?

Does the thrill of pulling up that sweet, fresh, carrot, exactly when you want a snack or picking the head of lettuce fresh, just when you need it, appeal to you?

Your Backyard Bounty
is a local Santa Cruz business that can make these dreams come true.

We will do all the work for you or act as a consultant so you can get started yourself, all at affordable prices.

Check out
and let us know how we can help your garden grow.


Aptos Academy

PreK - 8
Sun, Mar. 22
2-5 pm

(Site Photos) AptosAcademy2.jpg

Meet inspired teachers
& friendly students!


arts-enriched programs

WASC Accredited

Aptos Academy
1940 Bonita Dr, Aptos



Jim Booth

Swim School

Now also in

Santa Cruz

 Harvey West Pool


(Site Photos) JimBooth1.jpg


Gentle encouragement,

a lot of little steps,

plus high expectations

build happy,

confident swimmers.

Call Jim 772.3500

Jim Booth Swim School


Fresh Prep Kitchens
Dinner Salad and Dessert

Purchase 3 or more
main-dish dinners
and receive

family size
Organic Garden Salad
and Carrot Cake!

Each dinner
serves 3-4 persons.

Use Promotion Code
when placing your order.

Fresh Prep Kitchens


(BUILT IN) (Icons/Graphics) Flower_Bees.jpgLittle People's


We are So Ready

for Spring!

Buzz on over!

Scotts Valley 

243 Mt Hermon Rd


Soquel  2601 Main St


(BUILT IN) (Icons/Graphics) Text_ClassifiedsAd.jpg


Weiner Schnitzel


(1/2 off)


Better call

for reservations!


(Business Logos) TyroleanLogo3.jpg

Tyrolean Inn

9600 Hwy 9, Ben Lomond


Santa Cruz Soccer

(Icons/Graphics) 093u6h_SoccerBall.jpg
Spring Fun League
DeLaveaga Park
Ages 7-9
Thurs 3:305:30pm
Sun 12-2pm
4/12 - 6/14

Call Mike

Growing Minds


A parent co-op where children ages 3-6 are nourished and guided by a warm, experienced Montessori teacher, in a spacious classroom & outside play area.

411 Roxas St, SC


(BUILT IN) (Icons/Graphics) Text_LocalPerkDiscounts.jpg


(Business Logos) ShoppersCorner.jpg


(Site Photos) Dog_Corgi.jpg

Corgi Puppy


(Icons/Graphics) Mailbox.jpgDo you have a good idea for how to solve our recurring school funding crisis?  Jennifer from Soquel emailed us some comments and a challenge via Parent Chat. 

There's an informational  meeting on Thursday 3/19 about state taxes at Cabrillo, put on by California Forward, a bi-partisan organizationl Learn more here.

Thank you for welcoming us into your inbox and for all your warm comments and suggestions!

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