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Upcoming Events for the Family


Fungus Fair  1/13(Site Photos) FungusFair.jpg

The Fair features hundreds of species of local fungi, speakers, cooking demonstrations, a special Kids' Room, wild mushroom delicacies, books and a taxonomy panel for identification of fungi.


Kidpower Parent-Child Workshop   1/13

Learn physical self-defense skills on a kickpad. This workshop will be taught by our most experienced instructors assisted by instructors-in-training.

Claws, Camouflage and Cunning, Quail Hollow Ranch  1/13

Learn about how wildlife survive in the great outdoors through the use of their physical and behavioral adaptations. 


Are you pregnant or recently pregnant?

Then this expo is for you! (BUILT IN) (Icons/Graphics) PregnantWoman.jpg

Bellies, Birth & Babies Winter Expo   1/15


    Join us the Bellies Birth & Babies Winter Expo at SimpkinsFamily Swim Center (979 17th Ave) in the Community Room .


    The evening is packed with positive energy and valuable resources for pregnant and postpartum women and their families.  We will be showing the new DVD "It's My Baby, My Body, My Birth."


    Meet midwives, birth doulas, postpartum doulas, yogo instructors, massage therapists, accupuncturists, breast feeding supporters, photographers, ecucators, chiropractors and more!          


    This event is always free to the public, (donations welcome).  Be sure to tell any pregnant friends or clients about the Winter Expo, the Spring Expo won't be here until April.


 Call 425-3373 or for more information.

January School Open Houses

See Events Calendar for Times and Places

See Schools Listings for Introductory Descriptions 


York School Admission 101, 9-12            1/10

Waldorf Kindergarten K                       1/12

Gateway Open House, K-8                     1/15

Waldorf High School, 9-12                    1/17

York Financial Aid Workshop, 9-12         1/17 


Why teach values in school?

 by Haydi Danielson


    Most of us would agree that an education is more than just an assortment of facts dictated by a set of state standards according to grade level.  While we have placed good focus on examining and raising our academic standards in California, our attention to ethical standards lags sorely behind.  An education is an empty book without moral context and without some direction in how to use that education to improve the human experience.


    Many argue that it is not right to teach values in our schools because they disregard cultural, ethnic or religious diversity.  I disagree.   It is a rare person, whether African, Asian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, atheist, Native American or Latino who would disagree that generosity is a good thing.  It is a rare person who would say that it is not important to be kind, respectful, and pay attention when another is speaking.  I have yet to meet a person who says that honesty, loyalty and reliability are not key factors in personal relationships.


    We may find that children in the current generation have an underdeveloped moral sense.  In this case, our teachers must endeavor to supply this moral sense through education.  Literature is an excellent means by which we can teach morals and virtues.  Good books can encourage good moral habits by exposing readers to noble people and noble deeds.  In good books, we find heroes who are charitable, truthful, gracious, just and courageous.  Teachers can bring out these virtues through classroom discussions and composition assignments. 


    Children tend to mimic adults.  How many times have we read and been told that what we do is more important than what we say to our children? We must model good behavior if we expect our children to behave well.  Yet we let our children watch South Park and play violent video games for hours each week.  By doing this, we are quietly giving them our permission to behave the way the cartoon characters behave. 


    In contrast, if our schools teach classical literature and supply our students with good books, they will be exposed to noble characters, whose stories are centered on honesty, bravery, selflessness, justice and self-discipline.  Don’t we owe it to our children and all future generations to expose our students to noble role models?  I think we do.


Haydi Danielson is Director of the Carden School of Santa Cruz.  Haydi founded the Carden School in 1999.  She is a firm believer in character education.  Haydi earned her B.A. from UCLA and two masters degrees from Yale in Public and Private Management and Forest Science.

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The Core

If you have teens, you will want them to join this cool group of teens who



and are mentored by young adults. They have great, good, clean fun the way teens should...  OR you will want to meet with The Core to find out how to start your own fun activities for teens.  They are so cool they're HOT!

Tyrolean Inn
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Carden School of Santa Cruz, K-8

When teachers use the comprehensive, proven, classic Carden curriculum 

children learn easily and joyfully. 

Please come to our Open House January 26, 10am-1pm.

Our teachers, parents and students want to share this amazing curriculum with you.

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 319 La Fonda Ave., Santa Cruz,,   460-2600


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