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Go Treasure Hunting at the Beach in the Winter! 


    We are so blessed with our mild climate in Santa Cruz County.  The rains and winds were nothing compared to heavy snow storms or hurricanes. After the storms lots of people were seeking "treasures" coughed up on the beaches by the sea. One little boy proudly showed off his collection of balls.  Others were seeking perfect pieces of driftwood for their gardens. We discovered a beach with seaglass winking from among (Site Photos) SeaglassGreen.jpg patches of gravel: green, brown, cloudy white, blue and one pink.   (We picked up the sharp pieces too.) Imagine where that glass has been! Is it old? Is it last summer's beer bottle?  Does it have a story? They're pretty in a vase of water, or you can take them to a class with Jane Ann  where she will teach you how to make a lovely necklace or earrings... or treasure box!

Happy treasure hunting!     

Upcoming Events !


Leather and Tallow, Santa Cruz Mission 1/19

See how Mission Santa Cruz participated in a world economy in the early 1800s. Look at some of the major products made at the mission, such as leather and tallow.  See how a branding iron works.  Make your own candle.  Rain cancels.


Victorian Tea Party, Quail Hollow 1/20

100 years ago your standard tea party consisted of more than just tea and crumpets.  There were also fun-filled parlor games that challenged the mind, heightened observation skills and improved physical motor reflexes.  Join Lee Summers, park naturalist, enjoying a host of games like blindman's bluff, charades and more... oh, and tea and cookies too. Sign up by calling 335-9348.


Investigate Ancient Fossil Beds, Seacliff State Beach 1/20 

Guided Tour of Seacliff's oldest fossils. 


Discovering Nature's Alphabet, Steinbeck Center thru 1/25
The natural world is filled with lines, spheres, curves and curls, and these elements form its penmanship. "Discovering Nature's Alphabet", a series of photographs of naturally-occurring letters, offers children and their families a playful way of exploring and studying nature.


 Independent School Open Houses

You can learn a lot about a school at an Open House.  These schools invite you to visit them.  See our events calendar for open house details.  Go here for an introduction to school philosophies and programs.


GBK (Georgianna Bruce Kirby) 6-12,           1/23  7pm

Waldorf Parent Talk                                 1/23  7-9

Carden K-8 Parents & Children                   1/26  10-1

Waldorf High School                                 1/26  11-2

Aptos Academy Pre-8                              1/27  2-5 

Springhill K-6,                                           1/30  6-7:30pm 

Waldorf Grades                                        1/29  9am

Waldorf K Parents & Children 3-6                1/30  9:30-10:30


We Have Winners from the Toy Train Show at MAH!


Ronan won the Hogwart's train set. Ronan is four and has been “training” for a year with his Dad, Mom and now new baby brother.  Louise won Thomas Tank. If you missed the show, The Over the Hill Gang is already planning for next December's show.




(BUILT IN) (Icons/Graphics) fitness_girl2.jpg Fitting in Fitness!


  • Having trouble finding the time? Trade with your spouse for time without kids so you can get the small amount of time you need to fit in a quick walk or work out video.
  • If your kids are still babies, try a stroller workout or simply walk around the neighborhood. Make sure keep up a brisk pace and include periodic lunges, squats, and push-ups.
  • Limited on equipment? Try Just fill out the profile and tell them where you will be working out, what equipment you have (dumbbells, etc.), and what activities you enjoy. Podfitness creates a workout for you and uploads it with your selected music right to your MP3 player. Genius!
  • Ask the babysitter to come an hour or two early on Date Night. Think of how great you'll feel and the energy you'll have while out on the town with your sweetie.
  • Stay at home parents have unlimited options in workout programs on DVD. Even if your little ones have outgrown a nap, it's good for them to see you modeling healthy habits. If you can do it without sacrificing your workout, go ahead and include them. Otherwise, this is a good time for a quiet activity and a lesson in patience. It may not work the first time around but keep at it.
  • Get the whole family involved. Childhood obesity is on the rise due to poor nutrition habits and lack of exercise. Learning proper habits now will make life much easier as your children grow into adults. Try a game of touch football in the yard, a bike ride, canoing, or skating.
  • Have you ever found yourself with an unexpected slot of time and where unprepared? Keep a few items in the car at all times such as walking shoes and socks. You'll be ready next time cheerleading practice runs over.
  • Join a child friendly gym. Most health clubs offer on site daycare services for your use during your workout. Another option is to join a family facility like the YMCA which offers a little something for everyone. While the kids are at dance and karate, you can be getting long and lean at Pilates.
  • Stay on your feet. The movement you make throughout the day really does add up. Get a pedometer and reach to increase the number of steps you take each day.
  • Were you a high school athlete? Take up your old sport and teach the finer points to your kids. For video game junkies there are the new video game systems like the Nintendo Wii. The sports package is great for working up a sweat as a family. 



Seaglass Medley!


 (Site Photos) SeaglassMedley.jpg

At the Beach



(Site Photos) SeaglassAttheBeach.jpg




 (Business Logos) ShoppersCorner.jpg

 Where the Locals Shop!

Click on
Shopper's Logo
for weekly specials! 
  Soquel & Branciforte
Santa Cruz


Tyrolean Inn



(Business Logos) TyroleanInnLogo.jpg


  Family Friendly

 Fine Dining for Parents
Play Corner for
9600 Hwy 9, Ben Lomond
 Welcome New Businesses

 (Business Logos) SpanishLanguageChildrenLogo.jpg

Santa Cruz Spanish

offers a fun and dynamic way to introduce and expose your child to the Spanish language and culture.



with Billie Harris

Capitola Book Cafe
Mondays 11am

    Talented British actress and beloved radio personality Billie Harris will delight young readers-and soon-to-be-readers by reading new stories and old tales. The animated reading will last about one half hour, and can be followed by lunch from the special kid's menu in the café.  Of course, mochas, soup, sandwiches and cakes are available for parents, too!


(Site Photos) 10MinuteTidy.jpg
 This is a great new book
from our own local organizer
Shannon McGinnis 

 May I take a Nap on Your Couch?


    My dogs didn't seem to mind; he seemed like a good dog and I was okay with him, so I let him nap. An hour later, he went to the door, and I let him out.

    The next day he was back, resumed his position on the couch, and slept for an hour.  This continued for several weeks.  Curious, I pinned a note to his collar: "Every afternoon your dog comes to my house for a nap.  I don't mind but want to be sure it's okay with you. "

    Again he arrived, this time with a(Site Photos) DogTired.jpg different note pinned to his collar.  "He lives in a home with ten children -- he's trying to catch up on his  sleep.  May I come with him tomorrow?"


A hat tip to Darlene!

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