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 (Icons/Graphics) SchoolHouseRed.jpg   What a flap is swirling around regarding home schooling!  Santa Cruz is known for its a long-standing innovation and support of home schooling as well as private, charter, and neighborhood schools and alternative programs within the public system.  In Santa Cruz we cherish choice.  The recent court ruling requiring home-schooling parents to have teaching certification has heightened awareness of this segment of education.   We've listened to many individual success stories from parents, young adult graduates of home schooling and current homeschooling students  on the radio, and we would like to hear your stories! Email us please.  If you have an opinion on this topic, how about voicing it on Parent Chat !

    Here in Santa Cruz, every district has a program for supporting parents who choose to do home schooling. Home schoolers have choices among many sources for their curricula, from public to private.  An excellent homeschooling curriculum, Merit, is produced locally. We expect that home schoolers will continue education as usual.

     Santa Cruz Parent lists educational choices under Schools. If your child's school or program is not listed, tell them about!



  (Icons/Graphics) LadyDetectives.jpgFinding Events for You! These and more are on the Events Calendar, here.




Through A Child's Eyes with Belle Yang 3/13

Artist and author Belle Yang appears in person for a screening of My Name Is Belle. She will talk about her family's immigration from Taiwan to the United States via Japan and how her return to China as an adult during Tiananmen Square altered and enhanced her artistic journey as a Chinese American.


(BUILT IN) (Icons/Graphics) Easter_Bunny.jpgKids Club Easter Show 3/13

Join The Easter Bunny for Easter Singing and Dancing and a cute Bunny Foo Foo Puppet Show, Bunny Finger Puppet Craft and Flower Twist Balloons and a fun Chocolate Easter Egg Hunt for everyone! Capitola Mall

 Calendar Details

Baroque Music Festival 3/14

Join the legendary court of Nicholas II, with indulgent potpourris and languorous nocturnes played by Russian seven-string guitars.


(Site Photos) Stars.jpgStar & Moon gazing at QH 3/14

with Santa Cruz Astronomy Club. Learn more about the moon, planets, stars, nebula and other celestial neighbors.


(Site Photos) KayakingDennis.jpgKayak Surf Festival

3/15 & 16

Come on out and watch the largest kayak surfing competition in the world! Pictured here is Dennis Judson of Adventure Sports, Santa Cruz, showing how it's done!  Steamer's Lane off West Cliff





1 Day Organizing Workshop 3/15

This exciting and informative workshop will provide you with new skills, strategies and systems for organizing everything from paperwork and projects to closets and garages.  Through easy to implement tips and ideas, you will be able to immediately transform your home and office. Shannon McGinness, Organized4Success


Non Toxic Vertebrate Pest Control 3/16(Site Photos) Skunks.jpg

    Join Thomas Whittman from Gophers Limited for an informative session on dealing with garden pests.   The main focus will be on gophers, moles, voles and ground squirrels with basic material on raccoons, opposums, skunks, wild pigs and deer.


(Site Photos) SambaDa.jpg



Jazz on the Wharf 3/16

Live music is even better with the backdrop of the scenic Santa Cruz Wharf. SambaDa and more! Special entertainment for the kids.


 Calendar Details

Saints, Sinners and Sassing Bach 3/15 & 16

The Santa Cruz Chamber Players present music for flute, saxophone and piano in a concert of music by Hartley, Chedeville, Schumann, Pierre Max Dubois, William Grant Still and others.


Improving Reproductive Outcomes 3/18

Find out how preconception healthcare can enhance fertility, prevent miscarriage, premature birth, reduce incidences of congenital abnormalities, and ensure an uncomplicated labor, successful breastfeeding and an exceptionally healthy, happy baby.


Teen Sexuality: A thoughtful Discussion 3/19 

A PVA parent education series with Tim Harnett and Elisa Singh.


The swing of things
(BUILT IN) (Photos) StarshinePhoto.jpg

Starshine Roshell is a Santa Barbara writer and mother of two.

Visit her here .


    Playgrounds look like such innocent places. Coated in primary colors and plopped atop shock-absorbent tanbark, park equipment has no sharp edges. No pokey corners. What could be more liberating?

    But anyone who's logged pre-nap hours there will tell you the freedom is pure illusion.  Like life, playgrounds are governed by rigid, unwritten rules that can puzzle and plague you until you learn how to work within them.
    Or around them.     .....continued




    If you own a local business or are contemplating starting one, come meet the THINK LOCAL FIRST folks. 

    What started as a small, and now not so small, group of local businesses, is meeting Wednesday, March 12, at Michael's on Main, 5:30 - 7:30. No Host Bar, Snacks, Presentation by Theresa Tome, Director of Cabrillo's Small Business Development Center.

    THINK LOCAL FIRST asks you to join the movement to "Get More for Your Money!" by shopping locally.  When we do so, our money stays in the community and supports local businesses which generates taxes to pay for the services that we need, not to mention offering choices and maintaining the charm and character of our local communities. Learn more about us here .

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 School Open Houses! 
 Village Preschool
3/13 2pm & 3/16 10am-noon
Gateway K-8
3/18 9-11am
Twin Lakes Pre-8
3/18 9:30-11:30am 

Santa Cruz
Sports Central 
Parents Night Out
Kids Night at the Gym
 Always 3rd Saturday
Saturday March 15, 6-10pm

 Ages 3-13


Spring Break

Camp Flip

 Mar. 24-28
Full or 1/2 Days
Single Days or All Week 
Ages 6-12

 Musical Me
Singing Birthday Parties! 
(Business Logos) MusicalMeLogo.jpg
Come Sing with Us!
Click on logo
for schedules.

  (Business Logos) TyroleanLogo3.jpg
 (Business Logos) MothersongLogo.jpg
with Joya Winwood

Spring Break Camps

March 24-28 


Catalyst Soccer

Spring Development Programs

Camp SeaLab

Marine Ecology

Seymour Center

Spring Into Marine Science

Santa Cruz Sports Central

Camp Flip - Gymnastics

Santa Cruz Mountain Art Center

Art Camp

Life Lab

Gardening Camp 

MAH - Museum of Art & History

 China Art Adventure

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(Icons/Graphics) BichonFrise.jpg
We know some cute, sassy
Bichon Frises.
They don't shed
and are good pets
for those with allergies. 
Games. Crafts, Themes!
Parents Night Out / Kids Night at the Gym
 !! Always 3rd Saturday !!
Saturday March 15, 6-10pm. Ages 3-13


Spring Break Camp Flip

 Mar. 24-28,  Full or 1/2 Days/Am or PM, Single Days or All Week, Ages 6-12

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