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"If you want to look for heroism,
the first place you need to look is to the parents."
Dr. Elizabeth Baskerville 


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Dr. Baskerville shows them how! 


A Reflection

on Thirty years of Service as a Pediatrician


    There are three elements which have sustained Dr. Elizabeth Baskerville over the course of her thirty-year career as a Santa Cruz pediatrician: curiosity, humility and passion.  Having served

up to 80,000 families in Santa Cruz County, Dr. Baskerville is still inspired by her work. Her source of inspiration? Her patients’ parents.  ‘If you want to look for heroism, the first place you need to look is to the parents. As a parent you don’t know what you will be called upon to deal with.  I always ask myself ‘Where do they find that strength?  How do they find that personal depth to rise to these challenges?’ Parents are heroes and they are my support group and inspiration.’

    Since Dr. Baskerville opened her practice in Santa Cruz in 1978, the medical landscape has changed significantly.  Medical advances in the treatment of cancers have drastically reduced the number of child fatalities and improved procedures and practices guide the care administered to premature babies.

    In her practice, Dr. Baskerville no longer watches children and families suffer the devastating effects of bacterial meningitis.  “I used to see 4-6 children a year with bacterial meningitis.  When a child contracts bacterial meningitis you don’t know what part of that child is going to be left when the illness has run its course. They could end up with brain damage, be seizure prone, or deaf. There was an angel watching out for me because I never lost a child to meningitis although many children were damaged. Now we don’t see any children with bacterial meningitis. The Hib, and Prevnar vaccines have virtually eliminated bacterial meningitis from the children’s population and I never want to see it again. I am so happy these vaccines have changed what we see in our practice.”

    Dr. Baskerville has, however, noticed an alarming increase in the number of parents administering aspirin to their children.  When administered to children under the age of 19, aspirin or other pain killers containing salicylates, can cause a condition known as Reyes syndrome. Often associated with Influenza A or chicken pox, this devastating neurological disorder can cause the brain to swell which can result in long term neurological complications and death in as many as one-third of those afflicted.

    Dr. Lawrence B. Schonberger, one of the primary physicians involved in the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Reyes Syndrome report noted that the prevention of Reyes Syndrome is in the hands of the parents. "It was the work of several states, in collaboration with CDC, during the late 1970s and early 1980s that initially focused attention on the problem of Reye's syndrome and a possible connection with aspirin," he said.  (CDC study shows sharp decline in Reye's Syndrome among U.S. children, May 6, 1999  date of access 2/1/08). In the 1980’s an awareness campaign sponsored by the Center for Disease Control contributed to the drastic reduction of the annual number of cases reported which fell from 555 cases annually to no more than 36 cases (The New England Journal of Medicine , May 6, 1999, Reye's Syndrome in the United States from 1981 through 1997).  

    As a result, Dr. Baskerville never heard parents say they gave aspirin to their children twenty years ago. In the last eight months; however, she has encountered six young families who have used aspirin to lower their children’s fever.   Dr. Baskerville has credited a reemergence of ‘baby aspirin’ on store shelves and a lack of media attention as a contributing factor. “Reyes Syndrome had almost disappeared but it’s coming back. People aren’t aware of the danger of administering aspirin to children.  There are no reports on TV, or mention of it in obituaries. There is no excuse for a child of 14 to die because of aspirin.”

    Drawing from the experience she had when she was raising her two boys, Dr. Baskerville authored two books, Baby Basics: Your Child’s First Year, and David’s Kiss, a children’s book.  More information about Dr. Baskerville and the team at Capitola Pediatrics is available from their website

Stephanie Wilks

Physicians Medical Group of Santa Cruz County

 More "mompreneur" and "dadpreneur" stories are coming.  Email us yours!

We Went to the Earthvision Film Festival

Now Let's Practice Positive Activism Locally! 

Set an example for our children.

Donate Time to Eradicating Two Nasty Local Invaders,

French and Scotch Broom. 


    Last week's Earthvision Film Festival gained audiences passionate about taking good care of our home, Earth.  The first part of the film, Strange Days on Planet Earth, which will appear soon on National Geographic, focused on Alien INVADERS!  Our fast-paced globalization has been helping critters and plants travel afar and do major damage to local eco-systems.


    Right here in Santa Cruz County we have invaders and two of them are the French and Scotch Broom.  These are "two of the nastier, exotic plants that take over our natural habitats.  Join the CNPS Habitat Restoration Program and park volunteers to help remove these unwanted plants from the park trails at Quail Hollow Ranch.  Your help with this project will improve the natural system of the park as well as its beauty. Get together a party of friends and family, pack a picnic, work a little and make new friends while making a difference.  Tools will be provided.  Bring work gloves, water and lunch.

Quail Hollow Ranch Broom Bashing! Sat 3/29 10am-2pm here

(Icons/Graphics) LadyDetectives.jpgSpring Break Events / Details are Here
Keep checking our Events Calendar during the week,
as we add new events frequently! 


(Site Photos) Seahorse.jpgSplash Zone at the Monterey Bay Aquarium daily 10am-6pm
    Explore the aquarium's newly expanded and remodeled "Splash Zone" exhibit. Like a children's museum inside an aquarium, the award-winning exhibit features new live animal exhibits, a larger, more immersive touch pool and a walk-through kelp forest along with old favorites.

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Easter on the Farm Egg Hunt Agricultural History Museum 3/22
A classic family egg hunt, complete with Easter baskets & bonnets. At noon come see who wins the Easter Bonnet contest!
2601 East Lake Ave., Hwy. 152, Watsonville  724.5898

Eggstraordinary Egg Hunt Roaring Camp Railroads 3/23

Kiddies hunt for thousands of chocolate candy eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny in a redwood forest and win prizes. Special Easter crafts and games for families and kids.


Capitola Village Easter Egg Hunt Capitola Beach 3/22
Children 12 and under can hunt for Easter eggs on the beach and visit with the Easter Bunny. 475.6522

Pancake Breakfast & Easter Egg Hunt The Coastlands 3/23

Breakfast $3/adults, $2/children. Egg hunts by age group with 6,000+ eggs.


Star Stories Quail Hollow Ranch 3/21

Story telling around the campfire teaching about astronomical events and heavenly bodies through the avenue of the story.

Singin' In the Rain Louden 3/21 & 22

Kids on Broadway puts on a classic.


Wool Spinning & Weaving   Santa Cruz Mission 3/22


World Famous Ranch Breakfast Mid County Senior Center 3/23

"Eggs, French Toast, Omeletes, your way including Ham, Sausage or Ham, Hash Browns, Juice, Coffee and all the pancakes you can eat. Adults $5.50 (omelots $6.50) Kids under 10 $3."


Aikido Santa Cruz Free Visitor Days(Site Photos) Aikido.jpg

Santa Cruz Aikido 3/24 & 25


It's So Easy Being Green Week  Children's Discovery Museum 3/24-28 

Visit Children’s Discovery Museum during Green Week and learn to live lightly on the earth! 


Special Needs Law 3/27

Special Parents Information Network, SPIN


What Ever Happened to Childhood? Preparing Children for What? And at What Cost?  3/29

Second in a three part lecture series with Julie Olsen Edwards. Don’t despair, there are answers to help us return childhood to our children, and joy to our parenting.


Boardwalk Spring Break Entertainment!  


(Business Logos) SantaCruzBeachBoardwalk.jpg


Boomerang characters roam the Boardwalk - Look for Scooby-Doo and Ben 10! 3/26-28


Style Network's Fashion Makeovers on the Boardwalk! 3/26-28


Discovery Health's Nathan Lyon with a fresh and organic cooking demonstration on the Main Stage!  3/27


Kids Dance Party on front of Main Stage with characters and special guest Sherman Hemsley! 3/27


Bayonics - 10 piece live hip hop group spiced with Latin flavor, funk and reggae! Come join in the fun in the sun! 3/28


Metro PCS Texting Olympics on the Main Stage! 3/28 12-1


Central Coast Home and Garden Expo 3/29 & 30


Parents! You are heroes! 

 Keep up the great work!

 Play with Water! 

Adventure Sports
Family Kayaking Lessons
Swimming Lessons
Family Adventure Weekends
(Site Photos) KayakingKids.jpg
    Adventure Sports teaches people skillful ways to play with water; our techniques enable you to flow easily through the water. Our training facility, equipped with the best in equipment, lecture rooms, pool and jacuzzi is staffed with great instructors. Visit Adventure Sports here.



Weekly Specials

are here. Click on the

Shopper's logo! 

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(BUILT IN) (Icons/Graphics) FlowerBouquet.jpgNew Postings!


Parent Chat

Family Favorites  


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To spray or not to spray:

that is the question. 
Saturday 9-10am
KSCO 1080AM 


    Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the insatiable appetites of outrageous apple moths or, by opposing them with synthetic pheromones, end them. 

    This Saturday at 9am Pacific, the Food Chain with Michael Olson hosts California Department of Food and Agriculure Secretary AG Kawamura and CDFA, entomologist Dr. Bob Dowell for a conversation on the Light Brown Apple Moth.

Log on the Food Chain page to listen on your radio, computer or IPOD. Topics include:

  • why controlling the moth has become so problematic for CDFA;
  • how CDFA will attempt to operate within the competing demands of federal and local governments, and national and international markets;
  • and what might happen to the nation’s salad bowl should CDFA fail in its attempt to manage the moth.

Radio Shows for Families


Food Chain Radio

for "foodies"

Sat 9-10aa

Divorced Father's Network

Positive Approach

for Dads and Moms

 Fri 2-3p

Radiance and Chocolate

Families and Health

Mon 12-2p

Dr. Pete's Pet Pouri

Questions and Answers

 Sun 1-2p

Rabbi Radio Hour

 Commentary on Families, Faith

 and Community

Mon 6-7p

Good Morning Monterey Bay 

 Community News,

Traffic and Humor

with Rosie and Rick

Mon-Fri 6-9a 


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12 eggs

1/4 cup wasabi mayonaisse

6 tablespoons creamy salad dressing

2 tablespoons sweet pickle relish 

2 tablespoons prepared yellow mustard

garlic salt to taste

ground black pepper to taste

1 pinch paprika, for garnish


    Place eggs in a saucepan and cover with cold water. Bring water to a boil and immediately remove from heat. Cover and let eggs stand in hot water for 10 to 12 minutes. Remove from hot water, cool under cold running water, and peel. Cut the eggs in half, and place the yolks in a bowl. Reserve the whites.


    Mix the wasabi mayonnaise, salad dressing, relish, mustard, garlic salt and pepper into the yolks. Spoon into the egg white halves. Sprinkle paprika over the top. Refrigerate until serving.

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 When the weather is warm,

stop in to relax in the Biergarten.

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(Business Logos) SCPLogo.jpg

is growing!!!


We are expanding our Sales Team. Help us add more great local businesses to our Resources. Work part-time and set your own hours. Experience in sales helpful. Email us if you would like more information!     




Check the Classifieds for a great teen babysitter!

There's an interesting idea in Parent Chat!

Family Favorites is a fun place to share your favorites!  

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