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Business April 2009

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April 20, 2009

Greetings Friends,

We keep growing, 300,000 hits/month now.  Come grow with us. We enjoy helping you reach both families and businesses.

For All Businesses with Summer Programs for Families:

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Enjoy this article about the strongest and largest buying group in the US.  We are good at connecting with them!

Parmalee, Desiree, Vanessa & Gosia                      




For All Businesses: Get to Know Your Target Market

5 Myths about Today's Mothers

by Maria Bailey

CEO of BSM Media, Inc. and author of "Marketing to Moms: Getting Your Share of the Trillion Dollar Market" and "Trillion Dollar Moms: Marketing to a New Generation of Moms"

"1. Fewer Women are Returning to Work After Giving Birth
The US Census Bureau might indicate that more women are staying home after giving birth but they aren't doing it without earning some type of income. According to research conducted in association with "Trillion Dollar Moms: Marketing to A New Generation of Mothers" (Dearborn, 2005), Generation X moms are industrial women. Two out of three who remain in the home to raise children are also starting some type of home-based business.

2. Soccer Mums are the Most Influential Groups of Mothers
Its been almost a decade since the Soccer mom of the 90s became noticed for their political and financial strength. The Mom Market today is comprised of three generations of women raising children: Boomer moms, Gen X moms and Millennium moms. Together, this group of women control $1.7 trillion in US spending annually.

3. Moms are Just Purchasing Diapers, Chicken Fingers and Bed Slippers
Eighty-five percent of mothers surveyed refer to their role in the household as CEO or CFO, purchasing everything from cars to banking services. In addition to acting as a purchasing agent for the home, six million momprenuers also manage the buying decisions for small businesses. For those companies who capture her spending at home there's good news: ninety percent of moms will use the same products for work as they do at home.

4. Women Do Not Want to be Identified as Mothers in Ads and Commercials
Women with children want companies to recognize their multiple roles in life. The most important role being: mother. Many companies attempt to win the spending of mothers by marketing to them as women but this approach falls short. Although all moms are women, not all women are moms. Women with children will abandon their personal needs as women consumers but will never eliminate their role as mom while shopping.

5. Marketers are Doing a Good Job Speaking to Mothers
Seventy-percent of mothers do not believe marketers are speaking to their needs. In fact, over thirty percent say that they see ads that offend them with their messages and images. When you consider that mothers are the largest consumer group in the US, this means that companies are leaving a lot of money on the table when they miss their mark with moms."


With your presence on, you will not miss this powerful market. 



Cheers, Parmalee Taff  831. 469.3234 or 713.7026 or email us.

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