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Summer Camps

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Girl Scout Camp Memories

10 Years Old...

First time away from home

for a whole week...

Waving goodbye to my mom, dad and little brothers...

Taking the swim test the day I arrived...


The "pool" was a sectioned off portion of a large lake...

Swimming farther than I ever had before, scared, but I made it, and was placed in the "red caps" group... proud...

Walking the long dirt path through the woods to my assigned tent... it was toasty warm...


 had four bunks...


and three new friends...

Putting money in the camp store so I could "buy" a candy bar every afternoon...

Teenage counselors, so much fun!


Boy Scouts across the lake, no interest but a slight awareness of the counselors' interest...




Canoeing on the lake

Meals in the hall...

Lots and lots of walking!

A day hike to "the rocks"

Flag raising ceremonies

New Songs, rounds

Indian Lore

Nature... learning the names of flowers, trees and birds...


Finding little toads smaller than a dime...

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Being woken up late at night and told to put on our robes & shoes, get our flashlights and follow our counselors for a secret surprise they had been hinting at...

A huge bonfire...


(the only food I remember)


Falling asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow!

"Brown as a berry," healthy and happy!

Glad to see my family again!


Every child should have a camp experience!



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Baby Shoppe

Santa Cruz


for Junior Guard Wear


1101B Pacific Av

Santa Cruz


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  A list of all camps

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Choose camps by date

May 2009




When we look at all the wonderful camps and summer classes we think fondly of the summers of our youth and just a little wistfully wish we were kids once more. It's the time to start filling out those registration forms and signing up for swim lessons. We have also included all the great tutoring programs so that kids can get extra support over the summer. 

There are many camp selections in Santa Cruz and you can find every one of them on SantaCruzParent.  Click on the camp ads below to reach their websites.  We are really excited about a couple of new features that make your search for camps even easier this year...

Click to download our PRINTABLE SUMMER CAMP GUIDE which includes a simple categorized list of camps with name and  phone numbers.
Plan your summer using our CAMP CALENDAR. Select the dates you want, category and ages and find out which camps are available during that time.
Go online to our A-Z SUMMER CAMP DIRECTORY for a full list of every local camp, website link and a description and contact information.
Use our PARENT PLANNER to make your camp list. Check the box next to each camp and then click parent planner and you can email the list to yourself and others or you can print it. (There is a check box next to every resource listing and every calendar event.)

Camp is about experiencing something new, creating memories and making new friends. Most camps are offered on a weekly basis and some offer a daily rate. Many offer scholarships for families in need. Children as young as 3 can enjoy half day and full day programs and teens can find day, overnight camps, counselor in training (CIT) programs. Share your children's favorite camps that they have attended on our Family Favorites page.

Below are camps to get you started but make sure to click on our site for a complete camp list and print the summer camp guide for your convenience. Team

Parmalee, Desiree, Vanessa & Gosia


Summer Programs

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 (2008 Camp Ads) jntqfg_SailingUCSC.jpg
 (2008 Camp Ads) FreshPrepCampAd.jpg
 (2008 Camp Ads) AdventureSportsAd.jpg  (2008 Camp Ads) a0wp59_EdResourceCenter.jpg
 (2008 Camp Ads) CampFlipAd.jpg
 (2008 Camp Ads) SCMontessoriAd.jpg
 (2008 Camp Ads) AptosSummerAdventure.jpg  (2008 Camp Ads) CougarSwimAd.jpg
(2008 Camp Ads) GatewayAd.jpg  (2008 Camp Ads) CampSeascape.jpg (2008 Camp Ads) JimBoothCampAd.jpg
 (2008 Camp Ads) h1850a_CatalystAd.jpg
 (2008 Camp Ads) MAH.jpg (2008 Camp Ads) OutdoorScience.jpg
 (2008 Camp Ads) PediatricTherapy.jpg  (2008 Camp Ads) SCSpanish.jpg  (2008 Camp Ads) InnerCompass.jpg
(2008 Camp Ads) CatalinaSeaCampAd.jpg  (2008 Camp Ads) SafetyTips.jpg (2008 Camp Ads) SantaCruzSoccerCampAd.jpg


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