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Reading, Books... It's Important

Scenes Near
the Begonia Festival


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Dance Class

The Week

of 9/8

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Motion Pacific

Ages 3-99

Little ones.

and kids...

but especially

tweens and teens!

Classes & Registration


Santa Cruz


Victoria's Dance & Costumes

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Dancing Supplies


Every Class

104 Lincoln St

Santa Cruz





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Claudio Franca's

Jiu Jitsu
 high quality Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction in a friendly, respectful, family environment


Children's Class
Ages 4-9

A fun, encouraging environment where young children learn the fundamentals with an emphasis on rolling, falling, ground movement, and becoming familiar with their bodies.


Youth Class
Ages 10-15
Age appropriate instruction of sport and self-defense aspects of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. A natural progression from the Children's class, it is also open to first time participants too.

All-Women's Class

Ages 16+
  An opportunity to practice both the sport and self-defense aspects of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in a safe, friendly, environment. Many women start in the women's class and then branch out to attend co-ed classes as well.


Learn More!


2-1507 East Cliff Dr



Fall is a great time to explore parks.

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We counted

at least 99!

State Parks


County Parks


Neighborhood Parks


 (Icons/Graphics) SchoolHouseRed.jpgSchool Corner





9/19 Parent Workshop on Homeschooling, Ed Resource Center

9/24 Golf Open,

Mount Madonna

9/30 BBQ Fundraiser, Glen Arbor


Parrish Piano Studio

I am a full time piano teacher offering private piano lessons in my Scotts Valley, CA studio.

(Site Photos) SusanParrish.jpg

I usually have openings for new students during the summer and early fall with lessons offered Mondays through Saturdays. Please read my Studio Policies and contact me for a free interview if you are interested in piano lessons.

All ages

Susan K. Parrish




Not Your Usual Yoga!

A dance class bringing out the goddess in every woman.

(Icons/Graphics) StripTeaseSilhouette.jpg


You will learn moves to take home and share or keep to yourself.

Feminine energy

fills the room

with women of all sizes, ages and experience.


Santa Cruz

Stretch & Strip

Call Beth, 428-9974


September is

a great month for



Jim Booth Swim


Harvey West Park

(Site Photos) JimBooth1.jpg

Call Jim



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It's A Great Time for A Good Read!


A reliable source told me about a new book that sounds exciting! The reviewer said it's for boys ages 9-12, but 15 year olds like it too, as do adults, and girls and women as well!


A friend and I were discussing children's needs for heroes and heroines in their lives, real ones, not Hollywood manufactured ones. Now this is a topic dear to my heart as I am an inveterate fan of good overcoming evil, heroes and heroines maintaining integrity in the face of great odds, using their wits to outfox the enemy, defying immoral and/or unlawful authority and ultimately basking in the rewards of doing the right thing. My friend lamented that her children are not only not being exposed to the heroes of history but are being exposed to "adjusted" history. Her comment sparked a memory.

(Products/Books) Landmark_BenFranklin.jpgI attended a small public school in which every class, right after the noon recess, had a story time. We put our heads down on desks. The lights went out, there was no eye contact, no fooling around, just quiet time to create images in our minds. My 5th grade teacher spent the entire school year reading to us from the classic Landmark series.  Gripping adventure fanned our imaginations: Abe Lincoln: Log Cabin to White House by (Products/Books) Landmark_Pharaohs.jpgSterling North, Ain't Gonna Study War No More: The Story of America's Peace Makers by Milton Meltzer; The American Revolution by Bruce Bliven, Jr; Patriots in Petticoats by Shirley Raye Redmond; Ben Franklin Of Old Philadelphia ; by Margaret Cousins; The Day the Sky Fell: A History of Terrorism by Milton Meltzer (This one, written in 1933, is uncannily pertinent.), etc. some 30 or so in all. One of my favorites was The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. It begins, "On a sweltering August morning in the year 1799, the Egyptian sun beat down on a scene of frenzied activity in the Nile River Delta..." I was hooked!

But I digressed!


(Products/Books) e1npqb_NickofTime.jpgThe new, just released book is called Nick of Time by Ted Bell, review borrowed from Amazon: "This is an immensely appealing book about 12-year-old Nick McIver, son of a lighthouse owner, who lives on Greybeard Island off the coast of Great Britain in 1939.


Opening with a thrilling near-fatal sailboat excursion, the action kicks into high gear when Nick finds a sea chest containing a mysterious glowing globe. Hunted by pirates from the past who seek the globe, a time-travel device, Nick finds himself bouncing back and forth in time, fighting exceedingly nasty pirates, Napoleon's naval forces in 1805, and Nazi spies in 1939.


Nick is the pluckiest, most likable boy-hero since Robert Lewis Stevenson's David Balfour (Kidnapped). With great battle scenes; lots of nautical jargon; and themes of courage, integrity, and honor, this book will appeal to restless boys who can never find books written just for them. Three huzzahs and a great big 21-gun salute to Bell for his first novel for kids. Hopefully, it won't be his last.  -Jane Henriksen Baird, Anchorage Public Library, AK"


I plan to purchase it (from Book Cafe), read it to/with my favorite tween and donate it to the library.


The Library's Wish List!


(Icons/Graphics) BooksClassicLook.jpgIf I kept all the books I read I would be maneuvering through stacks of books to get from one room to the other. I'm one of the library's best customers in more ways than one. I contribute to their visitor stats, pay fines for overdue books and donate the books I have purchased when I "must" have one  sooner than the wait list at the library!


Do you know that in the face of budget cuts the library has developed a wish list of books? They are categorized by type: children's chapter books, adult fiction, biography, etc.   If you really are eager to read one of these books, you could buy it from a local bookstore, read it and donate it!


The wish list is available at bookstores around the county. Shoppers can buy a book from the list and leave it at the store for the libraries to collect.  This is a two for one!  Support our libraries and local book businesses.

Stores include: Atlantis Fantasyworld, Bookshop Santa Cruz*, Borders, Gateways Books & Gifts, Literary Guillotine,  Capitola Book Cafe*, Kaleidoscope and Bookworks.

For more information on donating to the libraries or volunteering, contact Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries,


*SCP sponsors... please support them!


Food Revolution, What's for Lunch?


What's for lunch?

How about "all-natural honey-glazed chicken with roasted potatoes and garlic braised collard greens" for lunch? That's what students in some local schools were offered recently!

Suz Howells of the Santa Cruz Education Foundation tells us: "As elementary and middle school children return to their classrooms in Santa Cruz City Schools, one major change they'll discover is a whole new world of school food.


Beginning with breakfast ($2.00, served before school) and followed by an appealing lunch ($3.25), students responded with enthusiasm to the new meals. First-day comments from students at Gault Elementary include "Mmmm...I am full" and "I love the brown rice". Parents were pleased, too. "This is my son's first school lunch in four years. My first grader also loved it - we are thrilled." One enthusiastic mom summed up her feelings succinctly: "Whoohooo!"

The fresh, healthy, organic meals are provided by Revolution Foods of Oakland, California to Bay View, DeLaveaga, Gault and Westlake Elementary Schools and Branciforte and Mission Hill Middle Schools.
Parents do not need to pre-order meals. However, schools do need to project numbers a week ahead so that Rev Foods can prepare the correct amount of fresh foods. They will do this based on participation. School just started and there has been an increase in participation, so stay with the program as they adjust to demand.


If you would like to support a particular program in Santa Cruz City Schools, email Suz Howells, the


Suki's Blog: PIWA for a six-year-old

(Site Photos) SukiWessling.jpg

Suki Wessling

In Growing Up in Santa Cruz this month I wrote an article about Positive Impact Wrestling Academy (PIWA). This organization is the brainchild of Reggie Roberts, the wrestling coach at Aptos High. When after years of working in substandard facilities he finally got to move his wrestlers into a well-equipped facility, he didn't just sit back and PIWA relax. He decided to start a new academy that would welcome all students in the county - age 7 and up - to learn the positive messages of wrestling.


If you're like me, wrestling doesn't stir much "positive impact" in your memories. I don't even know if my high school had a wrestling team. My main association with wrestling is the story that my mother tells: as a diminutive sorority girl at Cornell University in the fifties, she was often "set up" with wrestlers, because they were short and looking for shorter girls.

She married a six-footer.


But that was the fifties and this is now. I can't tell you how tall Reggie is (I realize now that I think about it that I don't often notice people's heights, possibly because, like my mother, I look up to most people!), but I can tell you about his moral stature. Very high. The man is doing great things for teens.

And a six-year-old.


So here's the story: I got an e-mail asking if I'd like to write an article about PIWA. I'm pretty much game to write an article about anything, even if it's something I know as much about as I know about wrestling. Why the heck not? I answered. I love to learn new things.


Reggie was eager for me to see the PIWA set-up in action. He was thrilled that they had such a great new space, and that alumni, parents, and students had come together to fundraise to buy the necessary equipment that the building bond didn't fund. And he wanted me to see the teenagers at work, learning wrestling but also learning life skills.


I had both of my kids for the summer, so I dragged them along. They've gone to a few interviews this summer, always with good results.


My son was a bit bored with all the wrestling talk, but my daughter was definitely interested. Reggie invited her out on the mat to learn some moves.... continued>>>>


Events for You

Please visit our Events Calendar for Details and More Events

Events Calendar

(Icons/Graphics) LadyDetectives.jpg

9/4-6,The 14th Annual Monterey Bay Reggaefest is a 3-day celebration that will take place on the last weekend of September 4th, 5th and 6th 2009 at the Monterey County Fairgrounds, in Monterey, CA.The Monterey Bay Reggaefest is more than an event, it is a cultural celebration and is received by many groups of people from all walks of life. Known as one of the best reggae festivals in Northern California, the event offers activities and enjoyment for the entire family.


(Business Logos) BegoniaFestivalFlower_140.jpg

9/4-7, Capitola Begonia Festival


A Labor Day weekend filled with fun events for the whole family. Beautifully decorated floats, concerts, sand sculpture contests, movies, art, fishing derby and more! Click here to check the event schedule to find the times and events best for you.


Fri, 9/4 Capitola Goes To The Movies! Chicken Run begins at Dusk on Beach ...Bring the family, a picnic dinner, chairs, blankets and we'll provide the popcorn!

(Site Photos) Sandcastle1.jpgSat, 9/5, 8am-12pm Sand Sculpture Contest,
Capitola Beach, Registration begins on the beach at 8am.

Budding Artists Event 9am-12pm at the Esplanade, View the work of local student artists!

Concert in the Park 4-6pm The Houserockers live at the beach in Esplanade Park. Bring the family, a picnic dinner, chairs, blankets and bring your dancing shoes!

MEET THE ARTIST 4-7pm at Pacific Gallery Framing, Meet Ruth Korch, the artist whose work was selected for the 57th Annual Capitola Begonia Festival's poster! Ruth will be signing the poster during a reception at: Pacific Gallery Framing, 321 Capitola Ave, Capitola Village, Light refreshments will be served.

Movie: Superman on the beach at dusk

Float Construction Viewing 4-10pm Stroll along the banks of Soquel Creek and watch as the floats begin to take shape.


Sun, 9/6 Horseshoes on the Sand 8am - Finish Capitola Beach in front of the Venetian Hotel Teams will be chosen by drawing names from a hat. Participants must pre-register beforehand.

Chalk Art on the Seawall 9am-12pm, Sign in at Esplanade Park Open to children of all ages. Create your own masterpiece atop the seawall on the Esplanade for all to enjoy! Art chalk provided to all participants.
Begonias to go, Head to Toe! 11am -12pm Esplanade Park, Become a part of the Festival! Create and design a festive hat for the occasion! Bring your own hat; we'll provide the begonias.

56th Annual Nautical Parade 1-3pm, Begonia covered barges float down Soquel Creek to the Lagoon. Great views from the Stockton Bridge, Cliff Avenue and Wharf Road. ADA seating available.
Concert in the Park 4-6pm Mike Hadley and the Groove live at the beach in Esplanade Park. Bring the family, a picnic dinner, chairs, blankets and bring your dancing shoes!

Mon, 9/7 Fishing Derby 6am - Noon, Capitola Wharf, Registration begins at 6am at the end of the Wharf. Open to all ages. Final Tally begins at 11am.
Children's Art Event 11am - 2pm, Esplanade Park, Children of all ages are welcome to come and create a memory to take home.
Rowboat Races beginning at 1pm Soquel Creek - We supply the boats! Registration at the pathway by the Stockton Bridge from noon until 1pm.

Events Calendar

9/5, 8:30am, Birding Walk, Elkhorn Slough,Special Instructions: Meet in the parking lot behind Whole Enchilada, Elkhorn Slough supports 346 diverse species of resident and migratory birds. On a recent ESF member birding walk, participants spotted more than three dozen species in a short time frame. It's no surprise that the slough is recognized as a globally important birding area. Keep track of your sightings by downloading a bird sightings list from our website. Tip: An expert birder leads a free early morning birding walk at 8:30am on the first Saturday of each month at the Reserve.


(Site Photos) MP_balletkids.jpgWeek of Sept 8, Free Dance Class for New Students! Try a class! Tap, Jazz, ballet, Hip-Hop! No Drop-In Fees for new students. Please tell us you saw this in  Voted Best Company 2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008


9/9,6-8pm, Healthy Pregnancy Panel Discussion, Westside New Leaf Community Markets Free,  Register by Sept 7 at or call (831) 466-9060 ext 126.  Naturopathic Doctor Aimée Gould Shunney, Midwife Donna J. Brown, Acupuncturist Willow Brown and Doula Natasha Joyet will each give a 15-minute presentation based on her clinical expertise, followed by Q&A. Topics covered will include dietary and lifestyle choices, supplements, herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage and pharmaceuticals, conventional medical treatment and supportive care.



9/7, 12pm-1pm, Time for Lunch: National Day of Action, Santa Cruz Education Foundation & Slow Food Santa Cruz, Special Instructions: Bring a brown bag lunch or family picnic.  A community

gathering to send a message to Congress to bring real food to our schools.Join us in San Lorenzo Park for a Community Eat-In.  Help us raise awareness around the importance of providing real food-not "food product"-in our schools by joining neighbors, community leaders, teachers, friends and families at a BringYourOwn brown-bag lunch.


9/5 & 6, Great Train Robberies, Roaring Camp Railroads, Shootouts, duels and other blazing re-enactments will demonstrate why the West was wild. Please call or visit website for times, pricing and more information.

Events Calendar

through 9/6, Guys and Dolls, All About Theatre, The story of Nathan Detroit, organizer of the oldest established permanent floating crap game.


through 9/7, The California State Fair is "Weird Wild & Wacky" in 2009. Join us from August 21 - September 7 at Cal Expo.  Here are some of the great attractions you won't want to miss:

Weird, Wild & Wacky Zone, It's a Candy Nation Exhibit, Xtreme Zone, NAACP 100th Anniversary Exhibit, "Save Our Water" Exhibit, The Farm, Fur & Feathers, Floriculture - A Garden of Magnificent Proportions, Floriculture - A Garden of Magnificent Proportions, Magnificent Midway including amusement rides from Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, A jam-packed concert series, Live Thoroughbred racing

9/8, 6:15pm-7:30pm run to Pogonip and the ocean, Wear good running clothes and shoes, bring water.  Join us for a 4 - 6 mile run through Harvey West and up to Pogonip. All runs will be tailored to experience. All levels are welcome. Train for local running and triathlon events with experienced coaches.


9/9, 7:30pm, Gabriel Constans, Buddha's Wife: A Novel, Capitola Book Cafe, Thousands of books, texts and stories have followed Siddhartha's path to becoming The Buddha, but little has been written about his wife Yasodhara, how she reacted to his leaving her and their newborn child in the middle of the night, and her desire to find compassion and enlightenment for herself and others. Buddha's Wife follows the life of the woman Buddha left behind and is an inspiring novel about friendship, family, loss, love and forgiveness. Gabriel Constans, a practicing Buddhist since age 16, is a freelance journalist and local author. In addition to his writing, he is an adviser to The Rwandan Orphan's Project in Kigali and provides counseling for those who have experienced grief, loss and trauma.


9/12, 1-4pm, Day for Kids! Boys and Girls Club, Santa Cruz, Mothers have a day. Fathers have a day. Even groundhogs have a day. Isn't it time that kids have their own day too? Join the celebration! Make time to bring the special child in your life to the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Cruz Day for Kids Event.

A fun-filled day for the entire family ... and it's free! Featuring a dunk tank, climbing wall, BBQ and more.


9/11-13, Greek Food Faire, Elias Greek Orthodox Church, It's time for the 29th annual award winning Greek Festival in Downtown Santa Cruz. Greek Festival lovers will pack the streets at Center and Church Street, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, September 11th-13th. Come and enjoy authentic Greek food and desserts, live Greek music, Dancing, Gifts and Crafts, and a Rock Climbing Wall for the kids! The tavern will be serving Greek and American beer, wine and traditional Greek spirits. Our vegetarian food booth is a huge success as so many wonderful Greek foods, such as Moussaka (Moo-SA-Ka) are meatless. A wonderful variety of food, including lamb dishes, calamari, gyros (YEEROS), Shish kebobs, baklava (Bak-la VA) and other delicious Greek delicacies will be available. Kids and adults both will appreciate the variety of food, and the low cost, all while experiencing a taste of the Greece here at home.

Events Calendar


The Santa Cruz County Fair is coming! ...  September 15...

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