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The Flu & King Tut

King Tut

 with his wife


(Special Event Page Graphics) Tut_GoldRelief.jpg


de Young



Parrish Piano Studio

I am a full time piano teacher offering private piano lessons in my Scotts Valley, CA studio.

(Site Photos) SusanParrish.jpg

I usually have openings for new students during the summer and early fall with lessons offered Mondays through Saturdays. Please read my Studio Policies and contact me for a free interview if you are interested in piano lessons.

All ages

Susan K. Parrish




Dance Class

The Week

of 9/8-11

(Site Photos) MotionPacific_Jazz.jpg

Motion Pacific

Ages 3-99

Little ones.

and kids...

but especially

tweens and teens!

Classes & Registration


Santa Cruz


Victoria's Dance & Costumes

(Products/Books) TapShoes.jpg

Dancing Supplies


Every Class

104 Lincoln St

Santa Cruz





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Claudio Franca's

Jiu Jitsu
 high quality Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction in a friendly, respectful, family environment


Children's Class
Ages 4-9


Youth Class
Ages 10-15

All-Women's Class

Ages 16+


Learn More!


2-1507 East Cliff Dr



Fall is a great time to explore parks.

(Site Photos) ParkNisene.jpg

We counted

at least 99!

State Parks


County Parks


Neighborhood Parks


 (Icons/Graphics) SchoolHouseRed.jpgSchool Corner





9/19 Parent Workshop on Homeschooling, 

Ed Resource Center

9/24 Golf Open,

Mount Madonna

9/30 BBQ Fundraiser,

Glen Arbor


Not Your Usual Yoga!

(Icons/Graphics) LadyFloppyHat.jpg
A dance class bringing out the goddess in every woman.

You will learn moves to take home and share or keep to yourself.

Feminine energy

fills the room

with women of all sizes, ages and experience.

Santa Cruz

Stretch & Strip

Call Beth, 428-9974



What to do, or not, about the flu(s)!


These days with news, sometimes it's hard to tell what's hype and what's real.  Families with children in schools and parents in workplaces are facing flu shot choices that are right for them.  If you have questions, do some research and talk with your family health care provider.


One friend is making certain her son with asthma will get the shot(s) so she figures she may as well sign up her daughter also.  Her husband "always" gets the shot.  She herself may or may not work it into her schedule. Another friend who is pregnant is feeling extremely conflicted.  My neighbor and teenage daughter said "No way!"  My friend with diabetes is getting one.


I don't do flu shots, nor do I do anti-biotics except under duress (once in 25 years for a flaming, painful infected ear).  I like my "lemon, garlic, chicken, pozzolo, pepper chard soup" for  staying healthy. I make a wicked green chile with tender pork and a delicious lamb curry. It must be all those potent spices that keep the bugs at bay... for the most part.


We all can recite the preventive litany: wash hands with soap "after & before," cough into our sleeve or shoulder, throw away tissues, take hand sanitizer to school/work, don't touch face, sanitize the phone, keyboard, doorknobs and if you get it stay home.  I avoided handrails when I went down and up the stairs while visiting the King Tut exhibit.  It's thoughtful of some grocery stores to have handi-wipes near the grocery carts. The latest cautions I've encountered are, "No hugging, no cheek to cheek kissing and no high-fiving."


Do your research and make your choices.  Check out these websites for information and opinions.



Flu Information Sources

So much has been written about the flu that we are not going to load you up with another article, but here are a few websites for you.

(Icons/Graphics) FluBugCartoon.jpg

FluTracker - flutracker - neat map
Mayo -

Santa Cruz County Health Services

Santa Cruz County Office of Education


Thanks Amy and Michele!


Tomorrow is September 11th, a momentous day in U.S. history, a day that most of us will never forget. Although it was 8 years ago that the World Trade Center was attacked, most of us remember exactly what we were doing on that unforgettable morning. Let's not forget this day but take a moment to remember those who lost their lives and to think of their loved ones who must still cope with the aftermath of this tragedy.

President Obama named 9/11 a National Day of Service and Remembrance, making this day a day to honor the victims of 9/11 and those who responded to the attacks by voluntarily performing at least one good deed or another service activity on 9/11 each year.  Visit to find volunteer opportunities, post good deeds and read the plans of others around the world. For other volunteer opportunities, visit Families Giving Back and read about local non-profit organizations featured in our Non-Profit Spotlight.

As they get older, our children will be asking questions about September 11, 2001. They'll learn about it in school and want to talk to us, their parents, who lived through the day. Here are some tips that were put together by the US Department of Education to help families discuss this topic with their children:

*Help children understand that although these were terrorist attacks, our country is extremely strong and full of people who have joined together to maintain our freedom;
*Understand that kids take cues on feelings from the adults closest to them. Create an environment for your kids that gives them a sense of safety;
*Explain to your children how you feel about the day. It's hard for them to see adults upset and not understand why;
*Listen and talk to your kids' questions about things they learn and pictures that they see;
*Try to discuss only facts with kids, avoiding any speculation or exaggeration;
*Help kids to understand that most people from other countries are good people.


Suki's Blog: What is coming...

(Site Photos) SukiWessling.jpg

Suki Wessling

I have just finished the most difficult article I've ever written.


It's about special education in Scotts Valley, funding, and the fights between parents and the district. It was a real "she said / he said" experience, with those on the administrative side saying that everything necessary gets done for the kids in special ed, and the parents on the other side saying that their kids are clearly not getting what they need.


Once again, it mostly seems to come down to money. School districts, of course, know that they are mandated to provide "appropriate" services to special ed students, so they can't admit that they're trying to save money or they'll admit that they're breaking the law. Parents know that the schools are struggling - most parents of kids in special ed have other kids, too. But they also know what their kids need, and that their kids are supposed to be served by the public schools.


I didn't know a lot about special education before I started the article. What I knew was this...>>>>


Events for You

Please visit our Events Calendar for Details and More Events

Events Calendar

(Icons/Graphics) LadyDetectives.jpg

9/11, 6:30pm-10pm FREE Movie Night - Call for current family movie, Children's Center of San Lorenzo Valley, Food and Drinks For Sale


(Site Photos) DayforKids.jpg9/12, 1-4pm, Day for Kids! Boys and Girls Club, Santa Cruz, Mothers have a day. Fathers have a day. Even groundhogs have a day. Isn't it time that kids have their own day too? Join the celebration! Make time to bring the special child in your life to the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Cruz Day for Kids Event.  A fun-filled day for the entire family ... and it's free! Featuring a dunk tank, climbing wall, BBQ and more.

9/12, 12pm, Creeping Forest Ramble, Explore the natural history of this less-visited trail of Big Basin with docent Doreen Devorah on a three-hour, 2.5-mile hike up and down the "creeping" terrain, along creeks, through fire-scarred redwoods and over log bridges.


9/13, 2pm, Please join us for a very special story time with celebrated local author and illustrator Jim LaMarche, who will read and sign copies of his wonderful new picture book, Lost & Found: Dog

Stories. Bookshop SC



9/11-13, Greek Food Faire, Elias Greek Orthodox Church, It's time for the 29th annual award winning Greek Festival in Downtown Santa Cruz. Greek Festival lovers will pack the streets at Center and Church Street, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, September 11th-13th. Come and enjoy authentic Greek food and desserts, live Greek music, Dancing, Gifts and Crafts, and a Rock Climbing Wall for the kids! The tavern will be serving Greek and American beer, wine and traditional Greek spirits. Our vegetarian food booth is a huge success as so many wonderful Greek foods, such as Moussaka (Moo-SA-Ka) are meatless. A wonderful variety of food, including lamb dishes, calamari, gyros (YEEROS), Shish kebobs, baklava (Bak-la VA) and other delicious Greek delicacies will be available. Kids and adults both will appreciate the variety of food, and the low cost, all while experiencing a taste of the Greece here at home.


9/14 and every Mon 11am-11:45am, Lively readers Billie Harris and Jill Rose read stories. Enjoy lunch in the cafe as well! Kids & adults listen to animated readings by former Shakespeare Santa Cruz actress Billie Harris and the fun-loving, boisterous Book Cafe manager Jill Rose.


(Special Event Page Graphics) SCCountyFair_2009.jpgSanta Cruz County Fair

Sept 15-20
A week of fun at the Santa Cruz County Fair
Get ready for pig racing, frisbee dogs, bands, art, wine. poetry, gardening, garlic fries, concerts, carnival rides and livestock exhibits. 400-pound pumpkins, and more!

HOURS noon-11pm



9/15 Tues, Seniors Day
$4.00 Admission for Seniors age 62 and over
9/16 Weds, Kids Day
Free Admission for Kids 11 and Under All Day,
Carnival Wristband Day
9/17 & 18 Thurs & Fri, Education Days, Carnival Wristband Day
9/19 Sat, Junior Livestock Auction
(Site Photos) Fair_Melon_Carving.jpg9/20 Sun, Ocean Speedway Destruction Derby Day

Entertainment Schedule, All Shows 7:30pm Amphitheater Stage, Wrestling 7:30pm
9/15 Guitarmy
9/16 Buddy Covington
9/17 Roy Rodgers & The Delta Rhythm Kings
9/18 Blue Oyster Cult
9/20 RYZE - The Band
9/21 Pro Wrestling Revolution

All shows are free with your fair admission. Buy discount advance tickets online.
Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds, 2601 East Lake Avenue, Watsonville

Events Calendar


(Special Event Page Graphics) CoastalCleanup2009_140.jpg9/19, 9am-12pm, Join Save Our Shores for Annual Coastal Cleanup Day at various beach and slough sites throughout Santa Cruz County. We will also have kayak and SCUBA based sites!International Coastal Cleanup Day is the premier event on behalf of the marine environment in the world. In 2008, over 70 countries from around the world banded together and ran beach and river cleanups on the same day.


9/18-20, The 52nd Annual Monterey Jazz Festival presented by Verizon will take place at the Monterey Fairgrounds, September 18 - 20, 2009 with over 500 artists performing on 9 stages for 3 nights and 2 days of the world's best jazz, spread throughout the Festival's 20 acres of magnificent grounds.


9/19, 10pm-4pm Celebrate the Ohlone People of the past with those of the present at Ohlone Day. Ohlone dancers and demonstrators will share traditional basketry, songs, stories, tools, musical instruments, soap root brushes, and history. The Ohlone language will be incorporated into the day's activities. You can throw an atlatl, make a tule craft, play Ohlone games and try your hand at fire making.

Events Calendar

9/19 12-6pm, Come see the fantastic student art, Open House The Art Studio Showing Student Artwork. Refreshments will be served, across from Rio Del Mar Beach


9/20 Kidrageous Carnival After talking with kids and their families about ways in which cancer takes the fun out of life, we created Kidrageous to celebrate the lives of all Jacob's Heart kids. When daily life is often filled with trips to the hospital, chemotherapy, financial pressure and not much celebrating at all, Kidrageous springs into action, promising laughter instead of tears, balloons and bounce houses instead of bed rest, and fun, fun, fun instead of fatigue.


Events Calendar

(Special Event Page Graphics) Tut_Coffinette.jpgthrough March 28, 2010 at the de Young, San Francisco.  Go see King Tutankamen if you haven't and you can.  It's beautifully presented.  Many of the artifacts are exquisite in their intricacy and artistic beauty.  You have to see them in person to appreciate them.  I came away with a good grasp of his reign in the context of what was going on in the kingdom 3,350 years ago.  He ascended the throne when he was nine years old, married Ankhesenamun who was probably his half-sister and died suddenly at age 19.  With the recent strides in DNA technology they may be able to learn even more.  Regardless, they have been able to construct a pretty sophisticated geneology chart which helped me understand the history and relationships of that era.  Tut's father Akhenaten had torn the kingdom apart when he repudiated all the multiple gods and instituted worship of one god, Aten, the sun disc.  Naturally this upset all the priests who had vested interests in their numerous gods.  Tut, with the guidance of a trusted advisor, reinstated the old gods.  Imagine the turmoil.  How he died is still a mystery and many a work of fiction has tackled the story.  Was he poisoned? Did he get the flu? My friend and I have decided to read (again) from the start the Elizabeth Peters historical mysteries which take place in Egypt beginning in the 1890's.  In her latest book, Tomb of the Golden Bird, the fictional characters intersect with Howard Carter, the famous and fortunate archeologist who found the tomb of King Tut in 1922.  Start with the first book so you can follow the family through three generations of Egyptologists!

Read more about the King Tut Exhibition here.

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