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April 8, 2009

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Catherine Crawford,


offers a guide to understanding and parenting unusually sensitive and empathic children in her new book





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Meet Catherine in person April 23, 7pm

at Gateway Books  Santa Cruz



Enter to Win

anAutographed Copy of The Highly

Intuitive Child!





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Hi! I'm Abraham, and I am a student in the 4th grade at Mount Madonna School. I am walking in the

Summit For The Planet annual hike.



The hike supports several organizations along with Mount Madonna School, like the CIMI Club, Life Lab, and The Otter Project. You can pledge for a hiker through any of those organizations. The point of the hike is to raise funds for the organizations while supporting the environment.



To learn more, visit:


Thank you!





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Where the

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Secret Lives

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Open Weekdays for

Spring Breaks






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Wiener Schnitzel


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Ben Lomond


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Do You Have a Highly Intuitive Child?

By Catherine Crawford


Do you have a highly intuitive child? Read the following 10 traits and check those that apply to your child.


  • My child has a way of finishing my sentences and reading my thoughts.
  •  She has an ability to "see" things before they happen and is surprised that other people respond to her predictions with amazement.
  • My child frequently translates the needs of younger siblings and pets for me and is surprisingly perceptive.
  • Noisy, crowded events agitate him and it takes him a long time to bounce back after such disruptions.
  • My child "catches" others' emotions or upset moods almost like a cold.
  • He is prone to headaches and stomachaches related to other people's stress.
  • My child feels tension during traumatic world events, maybe even drawing pictures of them or spontaneously talking about them with no knowledge of the events.
  • It is hard to keep a secret or surprise from her--she routinely guesses her birthday presents, for example.
  • My child has a tendency to have insights about other people and the world that outpace developmental norms.
  • She reports feeling different from her peers.

     If most of these qualities ring true for your child, your child may be an intuitive empath, or a highly intuitive child. We are all intuitive and capable of empathy, but intuitive empaths possess these abilities more than most people. Intuition involves the ability to pick up on subtle information that is not perceived directly through any of the five senses, but rather is detected through an invisible sixth sense. Empathy is the ability to tune in to how another person is feeling by registering those feelings through the body. Intuitive empaths experience these ways of perceiving the world through an extra-magnified lens.


Gifts and Challenges
     Intuition and empathy are incredibly useful abilities in life. Intuition is a source of inner guidance, creativity, imagination, personal direction and meaning, a decision-making tool, and even a personal security system. Empathy helps us step into someone else's shoes and deeply feel what the other person is feeling. This capability gives rise to qualities such as kindness, compassion, and understanding, all of which can be immensely helpful in creating and sustaining successful relationships.

On the other hand, as the parent of an intuitive empath you may be running up against some unusual parenting challenges that are not readily discussed in most parenting books. For instance, what do you do when your child can tell you're having a conflict with your spouse, even when you and your spouse have been tight-lipped? What do you tell your child when he has intuitions of danger that turn out to be accurate? How can you help an intuitive child when he feels a friend's pain so deeply he can't shake it off, absorb so much of a classroom's stress during the day that he has trouble falling asleep at night, gets confused by conflicts and thinks that another person's feelings are actually his own, and even feels the pain of the world? While intuitive children certainly are not rare, they are not the majority either. Most classrooms and school activities do not lend much importance to intuition, and this can leave the intuitive child feeling different or even needing to suppress his or her insights about life.


How to Support an Highly Intuitive Child
As parents and adults involved in nurturing intuitive kids, we can make a big difference in supporting children's intuition and empathy by not only giving positive feedback for these abilities, but also by helping kids learn how to deal with the stressors that can emerge from living with heightened intuitive abilities and teaching them real life skills designed with their abilities in mind.


Here are ways you can help and support an intuitive child:

  • Stay open to her perceptions without judgment.
  • Try not to inflate or deflate her intuitive experience when you respond to it.
  • Realize that she may need your help in learning how to manage the stressors associated with this trait.
  • Help her see that her way of feeling and seeing life is an important part of who she is--just like any other gift or talent.
  • Remember that these abilities are fundamental to your child's natural intelligence.
  • Let your child know he is never alone and that you're available to help him problem solve his intuitive and empathic stressors.
  • If he has empathically "taken on" someone else's mood, aches, pains, or worries, help him to practice asking "Is this feeling mine?"--and remind him that he's not responsible for someone else's feelings.
  • If your child is stuck in a pattern of being very in-tune to others or to the pain of the world, then help your child switch to being on the "self channel." You can do this with exercise, by encouraging him to express his feelings in art, or even by taking a couple of slow deep breaths with you.

     Intuitive children's messages for us can be simple and direct. Often, they simply require a quick recognition and action, as in the case of Deanna. One day my client Amy was driving her daughter, Deanna, to a toddler play group for the first time. As they drove down the long, winding driveway, Deanna exclaimed, "Watch out for the chickens!" Looking around the clear driveway, Amy asked, "What chickens, Deanna? There aren't any chickens, honey." Deanna continued to insist on chickens. While Amy enjoyed her two-year-old's wonderful imagination, around the next blind curve she was shocked to find not one but four chickens pecking around on their neighbor's driveway.


     You can help keep your child's intuition alive and help ensure it as a life long gift, instead of a burden. Intuitive empathy is not really a choice in a child. It is an innate lens through which the child perceives life--and it deserves respect and support.

* * * * *

Catherine Crawford, LMFT, ATR, is a licensed marriage and family therapist and registered art therapist specializing in the needs of intuitive empath children and adults. Her new book is The Highly Intuitive Child: A Guide to Understanding and Parenting Unusually Sensitive and Empathic Children (Hunter House, 2009). Her website is


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                                          Events for You!


Lots of details are in the Events Calendar,
including all the wonderful walks and hikes planned for you
by our local State Park Rangers and Docents.

Ongoing, Secret Lives of Seahorses, Monterey Bay Aquarium

Fri, 4/10, 6:30-8pm, Easter Egg Hunt with the Easter Bunny, My Museum, $10/child


Sat, 4/11, 11am, Baby Animals & Puppet Show at The Farm


Sat, 4/11, 10:30-2:30, Project Scout - Tax Help fo seniors & low income families


(Special Event Page Graphics) Gunnar_Madsen_Album.jpg4/11, 4pm, Gunnar Madsen Concert, Kuumbwa Jazz Center, $10.50-$16, Winner of a 2008 Parents' Choice Gold Award and a NAPPA Gold Award! "It's a winning combination: rib-tickling, off-the-wall, beautifully textured and tender." Parents' Choice Foundation, A one-hour show geared for the entire family - Fun, funny, singable, high-energy.


Sat, 4/11 8am-12pm, Monterey Bay Certified Farmers Market, Aptos, Do your weekly shopping while enjoying live Bluegrass by the Farmers Market String Band or lively accordion music by one of Santa Cruz's favorite performing artists, The Great Morgani. Shop with the Chef 2nd Saturday,

Events Calendar

(Icons/Graphics) EasterEggs.jpgSat, 4/11, 11am. Capitola Village Easter Egg Hunt, On the beach in front of the Capitola Venetian Hotel.


Sat, 4/11, early! Slug Run X, "A Run with a View" UCSC Recreation, 1k Kids run ~ 5k Run/Walk ~ 10k Run

Sun, 4/12, Eggstraordinary Egg Hunt, Roaring Camp Railroads, Kids take the steam train to Bear Mountain to hunt for thousands of chocolate candy eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny in a redwood forest and win prizes. Special Easter crafts and games for families and kids. Children must have a train ticket to participate in the Easter Egg Hunt. In the event of rain, train cars and Easter Egg Hunt will be under cover.


Sun, 4/12, 6:30am, Easter Service at the Beach, Congregational Church of Soquel will hold an Easter sunrise service at 6:30 a.m. on Capitola beach. A free pancake breakfast follows at the church, 4951 Soquel Dr., Soquel. Phone 831-475-2867.


(Site Photos) Beer.jpgWeds, 4/15, 7:30-8:30pm, Homebrewing Extravaganza, Capitola Book Café, Adults. Talk is free. Buy a "beer book" or a $5 related purchase, join the beer tasting. Brewing your own beer is an exercise in chemistry and creativity with a long, rich history and a great pay off: unique beers served as fresh as they get. Tonight the celebrated central coast Zymurgeeks shine! Mark Crain, Dave Bossie, and Steve Rannals will share their hard-earned knowledge about basic homebrewing, including equipment and techniques, and update us on some of the current issues facing established breweries-such as the looming Oregon beer excise tax. Five long-time homebrewers will be on hand with their latest creations, so sampling the beers and then questioning their makers is a must!
*The lecture is free. Purchase any "beer book" in stock or a $5 related purchase and join us for a tasting. Over 21 only.

Events Calendar

(Special Event Page Graphics) SeaOtter_Adult.jpg4/17-19, Sea Otter Classic, Sea Otter Classics Inc  See Calendar for All Events.
Sea Otter Classic for Kids, Egg Hunt-FREE, 10 am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Open to kids 8 years and under, Located at the Kids Bike Zone
(Special Event Page Graphics) SeaOtter_Kid.jpgBicycle Rodeo-FREE, 11 am Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Open to kids 10 years and under, Kids Bike Zone
Kids Races-FREE, 12 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Open to kids 14 and under, Kids Bike Zone (10 years and under), near the finish of the Dual Slalom (11-14 years) * No entry fee
Carnival-FREE, 9am - 4pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

4/13-17, 1-5pm, It's So Easy Being Green Week, Children's Discovery Museum, $8, Celebrate the Earth! All week long, local conservation organizations will be on hand with fun activities and information to help you reduce, reuse, recycle and RE-THINK your impact on our world. Learn how to cook with the energy of the sun, make sustainable food choices, or even start your own organic farm. Find out how you can help preserve our city's natural resources, get up close and personal with local wildlife, and much, much more! Visit Children's Discovery Museum during Green Week and learn to live lightly on the earth!


4/17, 12:30pm, Gardening Basics for Families, Your Backyard Bounty, Gardening Workshop for parents and kids on April 17th at 12:30pm on some gardening basics. A free seed packet or six pack will be given to each family that attends. RSVP to, Tierra Pacifica School, Bostwick Ln

Events Calendar

Santa Cruz

Baroque Festival



Listening to Nature:

Musique Plein Air


Sat, April 18, 7:30pm

UCSC Music

Recital Hall


Featuring the

Kirby Chamber Choir

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with Lex Musica:

Linda Burman-Hall

early keyboards

Lars Johannesson

baroque flute

Amy Brodo

viola & violincello


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SC Baroque Festival's Concert IV, Listening to Nature - Musique Plein Air, presents a mid-spring celebration of nature and music. The virtuosic early-instrument ensemble Lux Musica will paint musical landscapes by French and Bohemian baroque composers, complementing a selection of sprightly madrigals by the award-winning Kirby Chamber Singers. Delight in the sounds of birds, breezes, waterfalls, whirlwinds and musical landscapes.




Tickets & Information

$2 tickets for k-12

Enter to Win

2 Adult Tickets!





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Cooking 101
Ages 8-12,
Mondays 3:30pm
4/13, 20, 27


An exciting hands-on after school class!

Basic cooking skills, Safety,



and FUN!



Your Tween Making Dinner!







Suki's Blog:

Here's to My Health


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"I have decided to take everyone's advice, all at once. I will be the perfect consumer of medical advice, turning my body into my Temple of Medical Correctness. I'll start with today's news... >>>>



Lorraine's Blog:

# 4 Reaseon Kids

Don't Do Homework


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"The best time to do homework is... >>>>



You're invited to my exclusive monthly tele-class on subjects you can USE and are WORTH YOUR VALUABLE TIME! Best of all, it's FREEEEEEEE!

Tuesday, 4/14, 6pm



"Homework Success Secrets"
Homework can be such a pain for you and your child!

Find the keys to making it work by following the secrets I'll share with you, you'll be well on your way to creating "Homework Harmony"





































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Harbor Seals

Mom & Baby





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