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April 15, 2009


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Day in the Sky


Municipal Airport

Sat 4/18, 9am-4pm

Join us for the 5th annual Day in the Sky Watsonville. 50 volunteer pilots take 750 children with disabilites & family/friends FLYING for FREE.

2000+ person ground festival at the airport with 100+ nonprofit groups hosting booths. FREE BBQ,  parking, and attendance, tons of fun stuff to do. 

Great for ALL ages.

Entertainnment provided by Silicon Valley's fabulous "Angels on Stage" and "Magic Makers".

A MOVIE crew will be filming too!

We might even get you flying.


Suki's Blog:

Who makes the schedule in this family, anyway?


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A couple of days ago I attended the homeschooling support group at the Educational Resource Center. A couple of the moms there were talking about how they put together lesson plans for their kids in advance. One mom said she was concerned that perhaps she'd missed things in her son's math education.

I was agog. Their version of homeschooling is as close to ours as military school! (OK, a slight exaggeration, but... >>>>

Julie's Blog:

Family Meetings


(Site Photos) Julie.jpg


Our family has been having weekly meetings for the past year or so. Sometimes we get out of the routine for awhile but we have all really enjoyed this time together. The first thing we did was... >>>>



Wild About Otters

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Monterey Bay Aquarium

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Features two species of freshwater otters, and the frogs, snakes and fish that share their river and lake habitats. Includes interactive exhibitions where visitors learn about otters from around the world.



Tomato Plant Sale

Sat 4/18, 10am-3pm


Love Apple Farm

Ben Lomond

(Site Photos) Tomato.jpg


Choose from over 125 varieties of heirloom tomatoes!

Love Apple Farm scours the world for truly rate and unusual types.

Sale Dates:

3/14 - 5/31

or while supplies last.


Sundays &


Plants $3/each

Visit our website for a complete list of varieties.



                    Finding Work that's Fun, Fulfilling

                       and Financially Rewarding


     While today's economy and job market may be only a blip in the ups and downs of economic cycles,  if your family is experiencing job loss, a pay cut or serious doubts as to the viability of your current job status, then you must re-assess all options, become creative and possibly entrepreneurial.  Mary Jeanne Vincent helps real job seekers find jobs that meet the triple-F test: work that's fun, fulfilling, and financially rewarding.  Parmalee


Help! I Need to Repackage My Skills

by Mary Jeanne Vincent


For many workers, the recent shift in the economy has disrupted what previously looked like a great career path. The question people are asking is "How do I repackage my skills so I can make a living?"
Job seekers generally view their experience in light of their most recent position. One challenge for today's reluctant career changer is making their previous work experience relevant to a different industry. When changing direction, job seekers in today's market must view their skills from the perspective of a potential employer. Many skills are transferable - provided they are discussed in a context that makes sense to the perspective employer.

So you may be wondering, "What are transferable skills?"  continue reading >>>>>


Mary Jeanne Vincent helps individuals reframe their background, skills, and experience and make smart and rewarding career choices. To schedule a 2-hour Career Action Plan session call her, 831.657.9151




Last week we featured an article by Catherine Crawford with a checklist of points to guide you in determining if you have a highly intuitive child.  We received a great variety of reactions from you, "I'm of the opinion that any kid whose brain is not ruined by gobs of sugar and chemical-laden crap masquerading as food is highly intuitive..." and "I loved this enewsletter article! I now want to go out and buy the book..."  and one more "I'm not actually sure if I completely believe in intuition -- I think it's just the non-verbal part of the brain that processes things in way that we can't consciously understand. But then again, perhaps I'm completely wrong! I'm always open to that possibility, as well!"

It's all about choice!  Thanks for sending us your comments.  Come meet Catherine Crawford yourself at Gateways Bookstore on Soquel, Thursday, April 23, 7pm.  Parmalee

Why Supporting Children's Intuition Is Important

to Their Success as Adults


Why Supporting Children's Intuition Is Important to Their Success as Adults

By Catherine Crawford

Parents work hard at ensuring their children learn the skills they need to succeed in life.  Caught up with the demands of making meals, checking homework, and negotiating sibling rivalry, why add tracking a child's intuition to the list?


The answer is because a child's intuition, also known as the sixth sense, may be much more important in the life of a child than many people realize. Intuition helps alert us to danger, provides guidance in decision making, and even helps us in problem solving by being able to jump quickly to the solution--bypassing rational, linear steps. For these reasons, and so many more, it is crucial to help keep intuition alive in children. If a child's relationship to their intuition is derailed because of judgment from others or fear of looking foolish, it can result in disrupting the clear connection to this inner compass.


All children are intuitive, but some are highly intuitive and experience more intuitive messages, or perceptions, with greater frequency than other children. Highly intuitive children often are unusually aware of the needs and feelings of friends, parents, siblings, and pets. They may frequently translate the unspoken needs of younger siblings and pets with striking accuracy and even pick up on the predominant feeling of a group of people as they enter a room. Others may tune into an unspoken family conflict, or tell someone to "be careful" before stumbling into an unknown situation. continue here >>>>

* * * * *
Catherine Crawford, LMFT, ATR, is a licensed marriage and family therapist and registered art therapist specializing in the needs of intuitive empath children and adults. Her new book is The Highly Intuitive Child: A Guide to Understanding and Parenting Unusually Sensitive and Empathic Children (Hunter House, 2009). Her website is


        Bay Federal Youth Week Apr 20-Apr 25

               College Savings for All Ages!


to promote the importance of saving for a college education, Bay Federal offers fun and educational activities and information for students and parents during National Credit Union Youth Week. Kids can decorate a college pennant, spin the "Wheel of Savings" to win a prize when they make deposits in their savings accounts, take the "Youth Savings Challenge," and pick up a $500 scholarship application. Literature for parents on funding options also available. Visit any branch of Bay Federal Credit Union.


                                            Events for You!

(Icons/Graphics) LadyDetectives.jpg 

Please visit the full Calendar of Events for Details

Thurs 4/16 6-9pm, A hands-on eight-class program that covers health-supportive foods, knife skills, fundamental cooking techniques and the art of tasting, seasoning, and cooking intuitively. Explores health-supportive foods such as seasonal vegetables, whole grains, beans, sea vegetables, high-quality oils, condiments and natural sweeteners. New Leaf with Jennifer Brewer.


(Icons/Graphics) GreenEarth.jpgSat, 4/18 11am 4pm, Earth Day Santa Cruz, San Lorenzo Park Benchlands, Please come and join the community to celebrate Earth Day! This will be a fun environmental celebration for the whole family with live entertainment, activities for kids, and a wide variety of vendors, including food booths, eco-businesses, and local non-profits and government.  There will also be workshops, master composting contest, clean-up events, earthen plaster demonstration, e-waste collection event and much more.

Sat 4/18, 10am-3pm, San Francisco Zoo, Party for the Planet
This fun and informative celebration of Earth Day is aimed at educating and entertaining Bay Area families on green, sustainable living solutions inside and outside the Zoo. It incorporates everything you love about the Zoo and its animals. A variety of local, earth-friendly companies and services will be on hand for visitors, as well as "green-themed" music and puppet performances the whole family will enjoy.

4/19, 7pm, New surf documentary : BLUEGREEN Rio Theater, $8 at the door, Filmed, edited and produced in 2007 and 2008, BlueGreen approaches this question by sitting down with 13 folks who have been lucky enough, passionate enough, dedicated enough or some combination of these to look deeper into our bearing with the ocean as humans. These folks vary, from scientists to activists, athletes to enthusiasts, religious types to technological types. But they all have one thing in common. The ocean is the touchstone of their existence.

4/19, 1-4pm, Snakes Alive! Quail Hollow Ranch, Have you ever held a snake? How about a lizard? Hold King snakes, gopher snakes and various other reptiles. Bring a camera for those photographic smiles.

4/16-19, Sea Otter Classic, Laguna Seca, The 19th annual Sea Otter Classic, the largest, most celebrated cycling festival in North America is known throughout the cycling world as the cycling racing season's kick-off event.


Thurs 4/16, 12-5pm, American Red Cross Public Blood Drive, The American Red Cross is holding a public blood drive at Vintage Faith Church, 350 Mission St., Santa Cruz.


Thurs 4/16. 4-4:45, Hieroglyph Workshop, Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, Hieroglyphs were sacred carvings referred to by the ancient Egyptians as mdw ntr, or the divine words. Join us for this presentation on Egyptian hieroglyphs and learn to write in the language of the Egyptian gods.

Fri 4/17, 7pm, Guys and Dolls, Scotts Valley High, A smashing production by Scotts Valley High School, of the hit musical Guys and Dolls. Gamblers and Hot Boxers alike join together in this show, to create a musical like no other. With music and lyrics by Frank Loesser.


4/18, 10:30am-12pm, Santa Cruz Beach Soccer Academy - Adult, Main Beach, Santa Cruz, This program is an introduction to beach soccer for men and women interested in playing a new and exciting variation of soccer. Beach Soccer Academy


Saturdays 4/18 - May 23, 10:30am-12pm, Self-Defense for Girls and Women Allies, Louden Nelson, Learn effective strategies, communication skills, and physical self-defense techniques to increase your personal safety at home, work, school and on the street.

Please visit the full Calendar of Events for Details

4/18, 10am-3pm, Free Community Emergency Preparedness Fair, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Displays & Speakers on Basic Emergency Preparedness, Gardening, Baking w/ Stored Grains, 1st Aid, Food & Water Storage, Preparedness for Flu, Financial, Legal,& Job Loss, Participants: Police, CHP, CERT, Fire, Red Cross, 911 Services, Boy Scouts, Valley Churches United Mission, Amateur Radio, LDS Relief Societies, a Family Attorney, Emergency Medical Response Corps, LDS Employment Services, County Office of Education, County Office of Emergency Services, County Health, Cal Fire, and ongoing speakers and demonstrations by response professionals on Emergency Preparedness Topics.


(Site Photos) Chard.jpgSat 4/18, 12-1:30pm, 3 Easy Ways to Green Your Family's Diet, Get Healthy, and Save Money!, Earth Day lecture and cooking demo with Nutritionist and Natural Chef Jennifer Brewer. Discover how satisfying it is to simplify and improve your diet. New Leaf Community Markets Community Classroom, 1101 Fair Ave.


Sat 4/18, 1-3pm, Jazz In The Redwoods, Shoreline based in Felton California commands a sense of happiness as they offer bluegrass greats and original, crisp and sweet songs of their own. Do not miss this band!

Please visit the full Calendar of Events for Details

Sun 4/19, 7am, Santa Cruz Half Marathon & 10K - 2009, Boardwalk, Half Marathon:The Santa Cruz Half Marathon consists of a 13.1-mile run/walk along scenic West Cliff Drive past breathtaking vistas of the Pacific coastline. Runners then pass through the surrounding neighborhoods and make their way west along a paved path through strawberry fields, past historic farm buildings to Wilder Ranch Sate Park.


Sat 4/19, 6-9pm, Boardwalk Bowl/Coasters Lounge Presents - Jackie Rocks Band with August Sky, Teen Bands - Santa Cruz's own Jackie Rocks Band with August Sky from Monterey County.

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 School Corner





Open Houses

El Jardin Bilingual

Parent Coop PreSchool

4/21, 8:45-11:45



Scholastic Book Fair
& Art Workshop
Glen Arbor School

4/18, 10-3


Spaghetti & Auction

Redwood Mtn

State Preschool

4/18. 5-7:30pm


Rummage Sale & Bake Sale
Santa Cruz Parent Education Nursery School


See Calendar for details


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Spring Contests

Enter Now!

We want you to win!


Enter to Win

Mary Jeanne Vincent's


Words of Wisdom

Uncovering Your Passion

25 easy-to-use tip cards for anyone who wants to make a meaningful contribution in life and work


Enter to Win

Mary Jeanne Vincent's

Workwise  Words of Wisdom

Acing the Interview

Answers to the Top 20 "Killer" Interview Questions Plus Strategies for Illegal and Trick Questions


Enter to Win
an Autographed Copy of

The Highly
Intuitive Child!

by Catherine Crawford


Enter to Win
Two Adult Tickets
to Musique Plein Air

presented by Santa Cruz Baroque Festival
This is a great way to introduce your children to Baroque Music.
Children's tickets are only $2
Saturday, April 18, 7:30pm, UCSC Music Recital Hall





April 18
Ages: 3-13

Open Gym
Parents Night Out!

Santa Cruz Sports Central

Safe gymnastics, games, trampoline, snacks & fun. Call to reserve your spot as space is limited.



350 B Coral St
Santa Cruz




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1/2 Off

Wiener Schnitzel


9600 Hwy 9

Ben Lomond





(Business Logos) FreshPrepLogo.jpg

Cooking 101

4/20 & 27
Mondays, 3:30-5:15pm

April 20
Everybody Loves Lasagna!
We'll make fresh home-made pasta for this family-style favorite.

April 27

Caesar Salad
Chicken and pasta make it even better--we'll make our dressing from scratch!

Ages 8-12

Register Here




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travel review: Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA parent blog: Antiques Roadshow: The Hottest Ticket in Town
recipe club: Thumbprint Cookies feature article: Parent & Kids

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