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School Groove

September is

a great month for



Jim Booth Swim


Harvey West Park

(Site Photos) JimBooth1.jpg

Call Jim




When you go "Back-to-School" Shopping

(Business Logos) ThinkLocalFirstLogo1.jpg

Palace Art & Office Supply
Darco Printing & Paper Store
Taylor's Office City

Bicycle Trip
Spokesman Bicycles

Baby Shoppe Santa Cruz
Old School Shoes
Sockshop & Shoe Company
Stripe Design Group

Ben Lomond and Scotts Valley Markets
New Leaf Community Markets
Shoppers Corner
Staff of Life

Bookshop Santa Cruz
Bookworks Aptos
Capitola Book Cafe





(Ads) HealthyMealPlanning_1.jpg



(Ads) HealthyMealPlanning3.jpg


Motion Pacific

Voted Best Dance



(Icons/Graphics) DanceKids3.jpg

Dance Classes

for the

Entire Family

Begin Sept 8

Tap, Pre-Ballet, Ballet, Hip Hop, Hip Hop Funk, Belly Dance, Jazz Breakdance, Acrobatics

1001 Center St, SC


Motion Pacific



Classes & Sports






Parent Perks

for You!


What's "hot" in kids clothes?


Everyone is looking for shoes.

Baby Bloomers carries

size 9 to size 3

 to a big kid size 6
Pediped Flex 

to a size 12

(Site Photos) Shoe_Umi_1.jpg

(Site Photos) Shoe_Umi_2.jpg

People want good quality shoes, that are going to last, but also be good for their kids feet."

Lorelei Smith


Baby Bloomers

923 Water St
Santa Cruz

(Images are examples of brands carried.)


What's "hot" in kids clothes?


Monica Karst of

Baby Shoppe



"Baby legs for little scholars are awesome.

(Site Photos) BabyLegsStripes.jpg

Cold Santa Cruz mornings turn into warm afternoons. Easy to slip them on as you walk out the door and easy for your little one to take off and put into their back pack!"

(Business Logos) BabyShoppeLogo.jpg

1101 B Pacific Av
Santa Cruz
110 B Stockton Av



What's "hot" in kids clothes?


Shelly at

Little People's


reminds us to


"Get your rain gear early before

we run out!"

(Site Photos) Rainboots_Ladybug.jpg

(Site Photos) Rainboots_Froggy.jpg


Little People's


2601 Main


Scotts Valley

243 Mt Hermon


Fresh Prep Kitchens

Fresh n' Ready

Dinners to Go...

Take home

a delicious dinner!
We offer a selection of Main Dishes that you can pick-up, no pre-ordering necessary.

We make dinner easy! Available Tues-Sat beginning at 3pm

Serves 2, $11.95

Menu 8/18-22
Fresh, Ready-to-Cook Main Dishes
• Manicotti Sorrentina w/Spring Mix
• Mozzarella and Spinach Stuffed Turkey Meatloaf w/Mashed Potatoes

(Business Logos) FreshPrepLogo.jpg



Save the Date!


in the Redwoods


(Site Photos) TyroManSmall.jpg


Fri-Sun, 9/25-27


Featuring the Karl Lebherz Band, Big Lou's Polka Band and the California Alpine Band.

Kids activities and bounce house.
Hot pretzels and Hofbrau Haus' Oktoberfest beer!
Beer stein and yodeling contests!

Reservations taken for large groups. Wear your dancing shoes!

Tyrolean Inn

9600 Hwy 9

Ben Lomond





(Icons/Graphics) BacktoSchoolBanner.jpg



     Is your family ready for the new school year? Have you done your back to school shopping for clothes, supplies, backpacks and lunch boxes? Now is the time to start planning for the fall and registering for sports, after-school classes and child care. Consider spending your last couple weeks of summer easing back into a more structured schedule which may include earlier bedtimes and nightly reading. Take the time to help your child set up a special place in your home to do their homework. For those of you with children starting preschool or kindergarten, now is the time to get out the Kleenex and cameras. It is an exciting time for your child but can be much harder on the parents when they see their kids taking that first step towards independence.


Getting Ready for Kindergarten!

If you are feeling anxious about this new and exciting time for your soon-to-be Kindergartener, you are not alone! By now, your preschool teachers, friends, and family have assured you that your child is ready for this big change and so you are moving forward, leaving the safety of your child's home away from home, whether it be with you, in preschool, or in daycare. The change is important, as are all changes. It is a further step in letting your child go and move into his or her own experience more fully. You can support your child as this step is taken in the weeks to come by recognizing the differences and similarities between kindergarten and your child's experiences so far.

Here are a few tips to help you use this as an opportunity to help your child (and yourself) have a positive experience with the transition to Kindergarten and consequently, transitions in general.

Visit your child's new school and together explore the lay of the land-playground, bathrooms, office, cafeteria, and pick up & drop off areas.

Have a dress rehearsal school night and morning or two as school gets closer. (Consider your ideal school time schedule and all that you will need to do.) Celebrate with breakfast out. Make it positive and exciting!

Set up a study area for your child, with your child-a desk or table area, with supplies and an in-box and out-box. This will begin to establish a life-long habit and approach to school and homework.

If you haven't already, begin now to support your child's independence with getting dressed, tying shoes, toileting, washing hands, and putting things away.

Where academics are concerned, read aloud a bit longer each night, ask a question or two as you read together. Practice every day math such as counting objects and noticing shapes and patterns around you. Enjoy these last weeks of summer!

Review and practice opening food items, such as baggies, drinks, string cheese-there aren't always as many helpers available as quickly in K.

Know the signs of stress: Loosing temper, temper tantrums, power struggles, tears for no real reason, atypical behavior, that glazed over look...

When the signs occur: Back off talking about K. Talk about it gradually and increase discussion over time as the school year approaches. Try NOT to say things like, You will be a Kindergartener soon or That's not what a K would do...

First address and process your own stress/feelings about the transition. Talk to other first time K parents! Observe how you are communicating this change to your child. Keep it light, fun, and exciting.

It is a special time and should be filled with ease and joy!


Head Back to School with a No Waste Lunch for a Cleaner Planet, Healthier You!


Elizabeth Borelli, Nubius Organics

Packing a No Waste Lunch is healthy eco-friendly and more economical than buying prepared, to-go food. The average disposable "brown bag" lunch creates between 4-8 ounces of garbage every day. That can add up to as much as 100 pounds per year! Not only do prepared and processed foods contain excess packaging, they are also up to 25% more expensive. And with the alarming increase of childhood obesity and diabetes, it's more important than ever to teach healthy eating habits, especially when bringing your own lunch can save you money too.

A No Waste Lunch differs from the conventional brown bag by eliminating disposable paper and packaging. Everything is packed in reusable containers, disposable paper is replaced with cloth, and disposable cutlery is replaced with reusables.

As landfills across North America reach capacity, more and more schools are working to educate students on the importance of the other 3Rs: reduce, reuse recycle. And many are beginning to adopt No Waste Lunch programs, since lunch refuse is one of the leading sources of trash generated by schools.


The reduction of waste translates to savings in cleanup costs and a reduction in CO2 emissions. In California, the California Waste Free School (WFS) program has helped local schools to succeed in diverting over 6928.4 tons of material from local landfills, saving participating school districts approximately $413,518 to date.

The basic steps to waste reduction as outlined by WFS are simply translated:

Reduce the amount of disposable waste you pack
Pack Reusable products
Recycle anything you have left over

As families begin back to school preparations, now is the perfect time to incorporate No Waste lunch ideas to make a positive difference for your health, the planet and your wallet.

Easy Tips for a No Waste Lunch

Bring your drink in a BPA-free reusable bottle. It not only reduces waste, it promotes good health since you're assured no toxins will leach into your drink. With an average savings of $200 per year over disposable water bottle costs, reusable bottles are a safe and sensible solution.

Eliminate disposable foils, plastics and bags by replacing them with reusable containers and sandwich wraps. Available in a variety of materials, reusable containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit most any size lunch tote. Buying food in bulk is a great way to reduce packaging in general, and often saves money too.


Choose reusable cutlery as an alternative to disposable plastic, or bring your stainless steel cutlery from home. Reusable cutlery is available in a variety of sustainable materials. Stainless steel travels well when wrapped in a cloth napkin, just rewrap after use for easy cleanup at home.


Cloth Napkins are a money-saving, tree-free alternative to paper. You can green your kitchen and save an average of $40 per year by eliminating disposable plastics from your shopping list.


Insulated Thermos-type food and beverage containers keep foods and beverages at the right temperature, so the soup you made over the weekend will stay warm enough for lunch. You may also be surprised at the number of leftover meals that will suddenly become lunch options with the right travel containers.


Elizabeth Borelli is a local mompreneur and you will find her walking her talk at!


How to Save Big on Back-to-school Gear!

Kim Komando

In a few short weeks, students will head back to school. That means back-to-school shopping-and strained budgets. But you can get discounts on computers, software and other digital gear.

Before you buy, ask the school for minimum system requirements. If possible, check with the actual academic department. It may have different requirements.


You'll need to decide on an operating system. Windows is by far the most popular. You'll run into fewer compatibility problems.  But Mac OS X will run Windows and Windows programs. That's thanks to Boot Camp, which is included with new Macs. You must buy a copy of Windows.


Windows laptops

Netbooks are popular, thanks to their low prices. However, they don't offer the computing power of true laptops. Skip them. Netbooks are easily identified; they generally use Intel's Atom processor.

Opt for an Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Turion processor. These powerful, dual-core 64-bit processors will suit most students. Don't worry too much about processor speed.


Don't accept less than 2 gigabytes of RAM. If the machine runs 32-bit Windows, don't buy more than 3 gigabytes. Windows can't use it.


Machines running 64-bit Windows don't have this limitation. However, you could encounter compatibility problems with some programs and older hardware.


Go for Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate. And remember, you may get a free Windows 7 upgrade. Check with the manufacturer.


Don't accept less than a 160GB hard drive. Skip solid-state drives. The prices far outweigh the benefits-for now, anyway.


Students in graphics or video production need a dedicated graphics card. This will take a load off the processor. Expect to pay about $100 extra.


Wi-Fi is standard on laptops these days. Choose 802.11n. A DVD burner, ample USB ports and long battery life are essential. Buy a second battery, if necessary.


Mac laptops

There are fewer choices with Apple machines. There are the MacBook Pros and the MacBook Air. There's also a lone MacBook.


The entry level MacBook Pro will suit most students. However, its 13-inch screen is on the small side.

It features a Core 2 Duo, 2GB of memory and a 160GB hard drive. It has dedicated graphics and 802.11n wireless. There's also a DVD burner.


MacBook Pros' internal batteries can't be changed. However, Apple claims up to 7 hours on a single charge.


Comparison shop

Even with educational discounts, it pays to comparison shop.  With Windows machines, price similar computers from different manufacturers. You may find a comparable machine for less.


Prices even vary between stores. Check educational sellers and the school bookstore., and are three educational sellers. Compare their prices to those the manufacturer offers direct.


You may also qualify for other discounts. For example, many stores offer discounts for government employees and military members. You may save more than with educational discounts.


What to expect

Discounts vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and from machine to machine. Some schools or departments may get better deals.


Students can buy Apple's entry-level MacBook Pro for $1,100, or $100 off. Apple is also throwing in an 8GB iPod touch ($230) with most computers.


Sony sells the VGN-CS390JC for $883; retail price is $930. It features a Core 2 Duo processor, 4 GB RAM, a 320GB hard drive and Vista Home Premium.


You can pick up an HP dv6t series laptop starting at $585; retail starts at $650. Base configuration includes a Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, a 160GB hard drive and Vista Home Premium.


Software discounts are more impressive. sells Photoshop extended for $200; retail is $1,000. Microsoft is selling Office Ultimate for $60 at, about 90 percent off list!


You can get lots of tech tips at and listen to Kim on Sundays, 1am-1pm, KION 1460 AM


5 Steps to Safe Backpack Use


1. Choose Right

Choosing the correct sized backpack is the most important step to safe backpack use. Bring a friend to help you measure your backpack properly.

2. Pack Right
The maximum weight of the loaded backpack should not exceed 15% of your body weight, so pack only what is needed. If the backpack forces the wearer to bend forward to carry, it's overloaded.

3. Lift Right
Face the Pack. Bend at the knees. Use both hands and check the weight of the pack. Lift with the legs. Apply one shoulder strap then the other. Do NOT sling the backpack onto one shoulder.

4. Wear Right
Use both shoulder straps snug, but not too tight. When backpack has a waist strap, use it!

5. Get a backpack on wheels when you cannot avoid heavy books.


How Parents Can Support Teachers


* Volunteer to help in the classroom. This helps the teacher but it also gives you a chance to get understand your child's school experience. If you work find out other ways the teacher could use you in off hours.
* Supplies, Supplies, Supplies
Teachers always need more supplies and often spend $$ of their own money. Ask your child's teacher to provide a wish list to share with parents. Look around the house or pick up a few extra items while you are out shopping.
* Support your child in being prepared.
Help your kids with their reading and homework (don't do if for them). You will be helping your child by making sure your child is prepared for school each day.
* Snacks & Lunches
Send healthy lunches and snacks to school. Schools ask that parents don't send sugary items to school.
* Stay informed.
Read the notices and newsletters that are sent home so you stay infomed on what is going on both at the school and in your child's class.
* Be respectful.
It is important to show respect for your child's teacher in front of the kids even if you do not always agree with them. Remember that you would not want someone coming into your home or workplace and telling you what to do.
Get to know your teacher by finding out about their interests, family, etc.
* Show appreciation.
Show up with a coffee or treat for them at least once a school year for no other reason than to say thank you for creating a great learning experience for my child.
* Offer to help with Curriculum Enrichment.
Help plan field trips, special programs or recruit class speakers. Teachers can always use a hand and are appreciative of parent support.
* Get your kids to school on time.


Upcoming Events


(Icons/Graphics) LadyDetectives.jpg8/22, 8pm, Performance with Lily Wilson. Singer, songwriter and guitarist Lily Wilson performs at Studio E. Ms. Wilson has sung with Dolly Parton, Bonnie Raitt, Alison Krauss, Kenny Loggins, Patty Griffin, and Melissa Etheridge.

See full calendar

8/26, 6-8pm, Wednesday Night Twilight Concerts, Esplanade Park. Families and friends are encouraged to come and listen to an array of musical styles from jazz, western, latin, swing, orchestra to good old rock & roll. Bring a picnic supper and chairs to sit on either in the park or on the beach while enjoying the music filled sunset. A blanket and warm jackets are always a good idea as the summer weather can bring the fog.

8/26, 7pm, Twilight Hike at Big Basin, Join us for an easy, level walk for the whole family. Experience the turning of the day into night in the forest, and learn about the critters that are just becoming active as the sun goes down. This is a one-hour, half-mile walk. Meet at Park Headquarters. Wheelchair/stroller accessible. Bring a flashlight. Sorry, no dogs on the trail.

Thurs 8/27, 7:30 pm Accidentally on Purpose: The True Tale of a Happy Single Mother
, Book Club, Bookshop Santa Cruz

8/28-9/6 Guys and Dolls, love story musical, All About Theatre


8/28, Summer Concerts, Two shows 6:30 & 8:30pm, Beach Bandstand! THE SWEET "Ballroom Blitz"

8/29, 8pm, Starlight Evening Train Experience - Trains depart from the Boardwalk for a relaxing two hour round trip excursion along the San Lorenzo River Gorge and Henry Cowell State Park. Travel under the stars during Roaring Camp's "Starlight Evening Train Experience." The evening trip is two hours in length and advance purchases are recommended.

8/29, 11am-12pm, Evergreen Comes Alive: Voices of the Past, Hear the life stories of ladies of the evening, Louden Nelson - freed black slave who gave so much to Santa Cruz schools, Isaac Graham - wild mountain man who gave Graham Hill Road its name, and learn the history of Santa Cruz Chinatowns. Characters come to life as reenacted by community members, researchers, and storytellers. Location: Evergreen Cemetery, Evergreen Street near Harvey West Park

See full calendar

8/29, 11am, Honey Day Learn about bees from our local honeyman Dale Hillard 11am. Bring your questions. The Farm is located in the heart of the Salinas Valley just west of Oldtown Salinas, 15 miles east of Monterey on Hwy 68 off the Spreckels Road Exit, 60 miles south of San Jose and 105 miles south of San Francisco. Coming from the north on Hwy 101, take Laurel Exit, go to South Main St and Blanco Rd. intersection. Turn right onto Highway 68 (Monterey-Salinas Highway).

8/29 George Kahumoku, Hawaiian musician, celebrates the release of the new album Kani Wai - the sound of Water.
George has been working with Bob Brozman on this duet CD for over 10 years.
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM: Hula workshop with Leolani Lowry, $25.00 per person
3:00-4:00: George Kahumoku slack key guitar performance tickets: $20.00 General Admission
3:00-4:00 PM George Kahumoku Jr. Slack Key Ukulele Workshop, $25.00 per person
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM: Concert, Mello Center


(Icons/Graphics) DanceKidsBoogie.jpg8/29, 1:30-4:30pm, Kiddie Disco Boogie, Family Dance Party, Ages: Geared towards 1-7 years of age Admission Fees: Advanced @ Baby Shoppe Santa Cruz $ 7 Adult / $3 Child Door: Adult $8 / Child $4 Disco Dance Party, *DJ Lankston playing funky disco jams, *Adventure tents, *Healthy snacks included
*Face painting, And more!!!

8/30 7am, A Day in the Country, Aromas Hills Artisans Enjoy a festive day in the country, Aromas
History Hike: A Walk Through Time


8/30. 11am-12:30pm, History Hike, Quail Hollow Ranch, A Walk Through Time Join Lee Summers, park naturalist, for a stroll through the park's hills and ranch buildings. Learn about the history of California and Quail Hollow Ranch, the Ohlone, Missions, Californios, American Settlers, and the Lane family as they relate to the park and its history.

8/30, 10am-2pm, Back to School Carnival, Whole Foods Market, A Fundraiser for Santa Cruz School Programs, Don't miss our exciting outdoor carnival to benefit Life Lab Science Program, Project Bike Trip, Seymour Marine Discovery Center and The Santa Cruz Education Foundation. The fundraiser will feature BBQ, ice cream sundaes, cookie decorating, games & prizes, and much more! All ticket sales will be donated to the four non-profit organizations, which serve thousands of K-12 students in Santa Cruz County.

See full calendar

"Nothing seemed to calm down a distressed sixth grader as well as a session with Misty."


(Site Photos) DogVinMisty.jpgVin Fiordalis, long time administrator and mathematics teacher at(Site Photos) DogsMisty.jpg University School in Shaker Heights, Ohio, has long been an advocate of dogs in the classroom. In this remembrance he recounts the value of having a dog in his own classroom and pays tribute to dogs as "teachers' pets."


The use of dogs as a creative teaching method is one that many teachers should consider. Sure, there will be obstacles ("You want to have a WHAT in your classroom?!!!"), but for many teachers, the value is obvious.


(BUILT IN) (Icons/Graphics) Text_Welcome.jpg


(BUILT IN) (Icons/Graphics) Text_NewBizListing.jpg


Boys and Girls


Motion Pacific

Good Shepherd Catholic School




Suki's Blog:

Soccer Girl Finishes Out the Summer

(Site Photos) SukiWessling.jpg


"... My daughter is not the girl who fits in at school. That's why she's not going to school! She tends to do socially unpopular things, like the time she got into spitting as a way to express her feelings. Sometimes she's mean to the kids she likes the most. Kids who like her often get her so wound up that she can't be around them. School is very complicated, in other words..."



Pacific Preschool


Our goal is to nurture the child's natural curiosity.


(Icons/Graphics) PreschoolGirl.jpgThree to five year-old children, guided by their teachers, explore reading readiness(Icons/Graphics) PreschoolBoy.jpg activities, counting, shapes, colors, and nature, using manipulative materials.

•$450, $350 a month - or free
•9am-12pm, M-F
•Start August 26


Pacific Preschool

50 Ocean Street


Trinity Learning Center


A Safe, Caring, High-Quality Preschool

(Icons/Graphics) Schoolhouseorangd.jpg

Offering a nurturing environment & high-quality curriculum,
taught by qualified and caring teachers.

Please call

Catalina Siri

420 Melrose Av, SC




(Ads) Nubius2.jpg


Auntie Wendi's


(Site Photos) Auntie_Wendis.jpg

At Auntie Wendi's Day Care, I promote a healthy lifestyle and design activities for the kids to exercise their mind, body, creativity, humor and social skills. All of the activities help the social and academic development of children. I feel kids learn best when they are having fun!

DeLaviega area

Call to visit!


Read about

Auntie Wendi!


Banana Belt Buddies

(Business Logos) 7uv55x_BananaBeltBuddies.jpg
We are a great family preschool program right off HWY 1 at  Morrissey.

Our monthly tuition includes home cooked meals.
Only $395/month
TWTH 8:30-2:30
2 - 6 year olds

Please call Leslie Greathouse to set up

a visit.



The Boys & Girls Club of Santa Cruz

is a youth guidance organization dedicated to promoting the educational, vocational, social and character development of girls and boys ages 7 to 18.

Daily drop-in programs
M, T, Th, F 2-7pm
W 1-7pm
Starting August 26

Boys & Girls Club
543 Center Street
Shoreline Middle School
855 17th Av

Santa Cruz


Victoria's Dance and Costumes

Major Brands
 Very Affordable Prices


Ballet, Jazz, Ballroom, Tap, Praise, Figure Skating

Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Ballroom, Folk Lori Co and Flamenco

Halloween Costume


104 Lincoln St, SC



Capitola Sonshine


Our goal is to provide an excellent preschool education in a warm, nurturing, and fun environment.

We offer a Christian atmosphere where your child will learn that God made us and loves us.

We hope that through understanding we can work together to help your child's preschool experience be the best it can be.

Learn more

4575 Capitola Rd



Santa Cruz Sports Central

Excellence in Gymnastics

(Icons/Graphics) GymnasticsSilhouette.jpg



Parent-Assisted class for ages 3-14 months.


Parent-Assisted class for ages 12-24 months


Parent-Assisted class for ages 24-36 months


  3 year olds


 4 year olds not enrolled in Kindergarten



Beginning Intro 

ages 6-9

Advanced Beginning  ages 6-12


ages 6-12 who have the skills taught in Beginning and Advanced Beginning


Artistic Gymnastics

ages 6-18

compete using the
USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic guidelines for Levels 4-10

All Star Cheerleading

SC Sports Central

350-B Coral St SC

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travel review: Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA parent blog: Antiques Roadshow: The Hottest Ticket in Town
recipe club: Thumbprint Cookies feature article: Parent & Kids

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